Sunday, February 01, 2015

Days 27 through 31

This last week of January flew by! Although I haven't had a chance to show you what I worked on Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday!), I did manage to stitch five more patterns.

This is Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush. I'm stitching it for Jersey. But I will say right now that if I cannot finish all four of this family's stockings, I will finish the stockings for the girls (even though I've stitched less on theirs at this point).
The last of the scheduled Mill Hill Santa starts, Lapland Santa. This one had six different browns in it. I think they do this on purpose so you can have a nervous breakdown when you are sorting the floss. Seriously. I worked on this while watching the last episode of Hinterlands. I hope when the second series airs in the UK this fall, we won't have to wait long to see it on this side of the Atlantic.

I am restitching Mary's Stocking for Sissy. It has to be done so her sock matches the rest of the family's. Honestly I stitched this so long ago the first time, that I don't think it will feel repetitive. 

These were stitched on Friday and Saturday for two special little twins. I think these will show up in my February rotation in the "new start" slot. Gotta get these done and in frames before the babies have their first birthday! I am stitching this on a 28-ct white Monaco with Belle Soie silks in Carnation.

My goals for this month were to start a new project every day (check), stitch every day (check), and finish a small (check). Not a bad outing.

Week One: Love Me, Love My Dog (started CJC 2011)
Week Two: Oh, Baby
Week Three: Smalls project
Week Four: free stitch/craft

I hope to continue to work on my annual goals of stitching every day and finishing 12 projects for the year.

Okay, I'm way behind on commenting on your blogs and checking out the Grow Your Blog Party. Don't give up on me!


Kaisievic said...

Wonderful new starts - have fun!

Kristen said...

Thirty one starts, plus a finish? That is impressive!

Robin said...

Another batch of neat starts! I like the last one featured that you are doing for the twins.

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

All great new starts Nikki. Thank you for joining me on this challenge. Looking forward to seeing all your updates.


Alice said...

Those are some very cute projects! I can't wait to see progress on the stockings. I'm so impressed with your very lofty goals, and that you made it!

Thoeria said...

Great stitching Nikki! Congrats on ticking all the boxes for your Jan goals!!
Can't believe the little pea pods will be a year soon!

Barbi said...

Another batch of nice starts.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge! I did my 31 but didn't get a finish.