Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Warrior

Y'all have to pop over to Christine's blog, The Alchymyst's Study, because by Sunday she had already posted things she had made with the denim links I posted on Saturday. People, this post took me three days to write! I hope more of you will find good new uses for your worn and outgrown denim. Don't forget to let me know if you make something. Also, check out the comments because there's already one thing I missed, pot holders. Made by Christine, of course. (Don't you hate overachievers.) {wink}

On Friday night, I pulled the flosses for St. Basils (Dimple Designs). Slooooow progress has been made on this one since I started it in 19dickety2. (Sometime before 2006.) This time around, I stuck it on the Q-snaps, xeroxed the page I was working on, and took out the highlighter. Things went a lot faster. Of course, I am still not happy with the stitches in the middle that were done with some Krienik. Though I did realize it calls for blending filament and I've been using cord. D'oh! So I'll be restitching that middle bit, but we'll all be a lot happier. (Stitched with DMC on the prescribed fabric.)

On Saturday night, I started an old (1997) pattern from Charland Designs. Of all the floss and fabric I ordered to kit up my new projects, this is the only one that had all the materials! (And it uses DMC flower thread which was discontinued in 2003.) (I am still waiting for three! orders.) (No wonder the industry is a shambles.) This will be a gift for my mother-in-law's significant birthday coming up in August. As I was stitching it, it reminded me of all the patterns from the late 90s that I stitched, especially at Spirit of Cross Stitch Festivals--all those interesting stitches and floss experiments. (Stitched on the prescribed fabric with the called-for flosses.)

On Sunday, I got back to Teresa Layman's Leave a Light on. When I started this as one of my Crazy January starts in 2012, I managed to only stitch that bit of navy blue frame, which you can see in this photo (surprisingly because you can hardly see it in real life). I started the secondary frame so there would be a bit more color. This is being stitched on a navy fabric probably 28-count over one. Another crazy over one piece! Ack.

I think I might dedicate this summer--when we have loads of natural light for stitching--to getting the over one pieces finished before my eyes age out.


Linda said...

Great projects Nikki.


Margaret said...

Love your WIPs. Fun to see them all.

Christine said...

That's me - over achiever! (Really really NOT)
Great work on your WIPs.
Don't you just hate it when a thread or accessory is discontinued

riona said...

I have torn my old jeans into two inch strips which I have wound into two huge balls somewhere between the size of soccer balls and basket balls. I will be going the same with strips torn from two old slipcovers in blues that work with faded denim. Once I accumulate enough strips, I will braid them into a rug for the small office/computer room that was once the smallest bedroom in my townhouse.

Thoeria said...

Great projects ....that heather-flower thingy looks interesting! I admit I can't see anything wrong with what you have stitched on it already....even *with* my specs on :)

Annie said...

Love the pretty blues! Nice stitching.

Just read your denim blog and checked out the Alchymyst blog too. I have some old jeans that are crying out for upcycling. I'll have to investigate the possibilities.. thanks for the list.

Sandy In Montana said...

Great starts Anna. I love St. Basils (got a thing for thistle flowers) beautiful colors.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Sandy In Montana