Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Morn

In August, I set out to:
  1. Finish-finish five projects--done, done, done, and done! :) That's seven, count 'em, seven!
  2. Complete Blue Snowman, Shepherd's Bush --done! See it here. 
  3. Complete Willow Trees Sampler, City Stitcher--and done! See it here.
  4. 10 hours on Dog Lessons for People, Lizzie*Kate--Happily, I completed it! See it here.
  5. 10 hours on That Dern Parrot, Sheepish Designs--Yup, I showed you how that looked.
  6. One page of the marquoir--I'm happy to report that I got this one out of hiding last night. I did not, however, finish a whole page.
I'm pretty pleased with how things went this month. I think being away from home really helped. It's sometimes hard to justify picking up a needle when there are so many things that need doing around the house. 

For September:
  1. Finish-finish one project
  2. Complete That Dern Parrot
  3. 10 hours on Owl Winder Pocket
  4. 10 hours on French Country Pumpkin
  5. 10 hours on Frost
  6. One page of the marquoir 
Oh, look! She's doing some seasonal stitching for a change.


Joy said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! Now, I'm tired.

Sherry :o) said...

You made your goals - that's always a great feeling.

I checked today at my LNS for the Willow Tree Sampler...have to have them research it a bit as it wasn't in the store (and they were packed/swamped - which is great). I love the trees in that sampler - willow trees in stitching always cry out to me.

So do you keep track of how long it takes you to stitch a project? I think that may depress me (or inspire me, depending on the piece).

Annemarie said...

I'm seriously impressed, and I can imagine how proud and fabulous you must feel. I LOVE all your WIPs, especially the Parrot. Seeing it makes me want to stitch!

doris said...

Go, go, go! You've done some serious goal-meeting. Maybe you could tutor me in that valuable skill.