Thursday, September 01, 2016

Last Up in the August Rotation, Tis the Season

Ah, September. I look forward to your cooler temperatures. You have cooler temperatures for us, right? RIGHT?

The last project up in my rotation was Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs. You may remember that I am stitching this for my aunt (she of the "In the Pink" project) because she asked for a Christmas stitch. I am stitching this on the called-for fabric with the Belle Soie silks. I am enjoying it very much.

The last time I worked on it, it looked like this:
Once the cardinal is done, most of what's left are smaller motifs which should give the feeling that I am zipping along toward a finish! LOL We'll see about that at the end of September.

There is a needle stuck in it now, so we shouldn't have any future mishaps!

My goal last month was to stick to my "Molly Rotation."

  1. Waldorff, Homespun Sampler -- yes
  2. Mary's Stocking, SB --switched Mary with Wisteria, but did stitch on her
  3. Wisteria Snowman, SB - yes
  4. Our Souls, Midsummer Night Designs - no
  5. Greenland Santa, Mill Hill - finished!
  6. Cinnamon Stars, Plum Street - yes
  7. Small #8 - finished!
  8. Lovebird, JABC - yes
  9. Ladybug, Ladybug, Rabbit Workes - I couldn't find it! Nominally, I switched it out with Deruta biscornu, but I didn't actually stitch on that either.
  10. Tis the Season, Blackbird - yes
During September, I plan to stick with the rotation. After all, things are getting done!
  1. Waldorff, Homespun Sampler
  2. Mary's Stocking, SB
  3. Wisteria Snowman, SB
  4. Our Souls, Midsummer Night Designs
  5. Christian's Stocking, SB
  6. Cinnamon Stars, Plum Street
  7. Small #9
  8. Lovebird, JABC
  9. I haven't decided yet what to put here. I may call audible on game day.
  10. Tis the Season, Blackbird


Pamela said...

Great progress on this one! Sounds like the rotation is working.

Brigitte said...

A great project, this cardinal. And a nice colour :)
Good luck with your rotation in September. It seems to work well.

Justine said...

Sweet cardinal! Your new rotation seems to be working well.

Melinda Forbes said...

I love this Cardinal - think you had great success with your August goals. Looking forward to seeing your progress in September

Amy said...

Great progress! Your rotation is impressive!

Robin in Virginia said...

I think the Molly rotation is working great for your stitching. Congratulations on your finishes along with the progress you have made on your WIPs. Enjoy the weekend!

Linda said...

Nice progress Nikki. Good luck with your rotation.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's a great cardinal and I'm happy the rotation is working for you. I seem to have found the right one for me too this year. It's so satisfying to tick off goals.

Von said...

Congrats on keeping your rotation going! I have difficulty keeping up with 2-3, but I'm learning. :)

Bea said...

The cardinal is looking good - love the colour, and so is the rotation. There is something very satisfying about the word "finished".

Julie said...

Looking good, your rotation seems to be getting lots accomplished.