Thursday, August 13, 2015

WIT: Work in Progress Thursday

On Tuesday, I saw Maggie. She is as hilarious as ever. At 93, she is fairly blind, and so now when you visit, she says, "It was nice to feel you." (As opposed to "nice to see you.") She can only get a general sense of people, so she thought the dude seemed really tall. The day after our visit she asked my aunt if the dude was taller than my cousin's husband. The dude is six feet, but my cousin's husband is 6' 8". Since the last time she really saw the dude, he was well into his forties, I can guarantee he hasn't suddenly shot up!

Yesterday, I saw my father's mother. She spent most of the visit complaining to my father about the "three bitches"  (her daughters) who put her in the home. She can't walk, and she has a problem using her hands now caused by carpal tunnel, so she is absolutely where she needs to be. At 94, she is still pretty sharp (her memory has those blank spots and stubborn revisions). These two fiesty old broads are demonstrating that old age isn't for sissies!

In the afternoon, I helped my mother watch the twins so my sister could take a nap. You know she needed that! So there wasn't enough time to show you what I've been up to.

I've been working on Bent Creek's Lighthouse (1998). I still love it!


Robin said...

Nice to get a Maggie update and growing old isn't for sissies. I like the waves on your lighthouse piece.

Enjoy your day!

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

Cute story and lovely stitching Nikki.


Beth said...

Fiesty grandmothers you have! I have stitched the lighthouse and it is a keeper.

KimM said...

Love women with spirit! You made me smile and it brought fond memories of my mother and aunt, both not on this earth, but still with me in spirit.

Beth W said...

I hope I can have a sense of humor and independence when I'm that old! (sheesh, I hope I live to be that old at all). I have a feeling I'll be the old lady who snarks about 'kids these days' and reads a lot and drinks a bottle of wine a day. ;)
Sounds like you know quite a few characters!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to hear that Maggie is still alive and kicking! My Great Grandma ended up in the same Nursing Home as her sister. They were sat next to each other which was great, they could continue all their childhood arguments just like 90 years hadn't elapsed!

Julie said...

I have a 90 year old great aunt who survived the Blitz in London and is sharp as a pin and very matter of fact and absolutely wonderful, supportive and much loved ...even when she gives you advice that you don't want!