Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finish: Flat Ornament Meets Wooden Object

You are the best! I write a little throw away post, and you all come out and cheer me on! What did I do to deserve you?

There are many things you can do with the flat ornament finishing technique. (See Vonna's directions here. Don't make the back piece now, you hear?)

I bought a little box (apparently much smaller than it looked in the store--and I had the stitched piece in my hand!) and plopped a flat ornament on top of it. Boom. And then you have to do the cording.

The good news is you can probably find a bigger box and a myriad of other things.

Things I saw at the craft store that you can glue a flat ornament to:

  • oar (it was clearly decorative, but imagine it with a little nautical piece?)
  • wooden letter
  • dollhouse (though not what I normally think of when I hear it)
  • wooden block (and check out what Pinwheel Ponders did with that)
  • storage bin
  • dog bone
  • tray
  • birdhouse
  • plaque (I did think of mounting this on a plaque, kind of like a fisherman does with their prized catch, but this fish is clearly in the water, cf: bubbles and seaweed)
  • shape that echoes the piece (like a heart or a star)
  • tissue box
  • giant clothespin
I hope I've convinced you that the flat ornament is clearly a finishing technique everyone should master!

NB: The stitched piece is a Jane Greenoff kit my MIL gave me that I stitched in 2000. And it's no secret how I know that.


Justine said...

How creative! I'm enjoying your finishes and bookmarking for future reference.

Thoeria said...

Now see....Having all these ideas in one place along with links to tutorials is just brilliant! You're definitely being an inspiration :)

Annie said...

Looks cute and very well done! I always shy away from covering those boxes because I don't know how to finish the box itself. No room for a lot of additional supplies if that's what it takes to finish/stain. And the clasp.. did you have to remove that too? I need detailed tutes for simple box finishing that don't just say 'paint it'. I'll challenge you with that one! ;-)

diamondc said...

Like the box and stitched fish, I like your little display of things you saw at Joann's it made me smile, that giant clothespin would be good to hold small patterns while stitching.


Alison Shirley said...

Great looking finish! I love your suggestions!

Pamela said...

Great idea - another one!

Margaret said...

I like this finishing idea a lot. Looks great!

Laura said...

Wow, some super ideas here! I especially like the "dollhouse" (strange thing to call it!) idea. I was sorting stuff yesterday and almost got rid of one of those. So, glad I didn't. I did a 5" clothespin last week and put magnet on the back.

Robin said...

It was well worth waiting for the glue to dry. I like your box finish. Again, thank you for the links. Very helpful!

Robin in Virginia

KimM said...

Oh my goodness - great idea!!!

Paula said...

Nikki, It look so nice! I've used a flat finish on journals before.
Hang in there!

Linda said...

Awesome finish Nikki. Thanks for the great ideas.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very cute for a fishing lover's jewelry or pocket stuff. I have lots of little boxes and uncounted stitched pieces... too bad I don't introduce them to each other :-).

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Another simple but good idea.
I like the dollhouse box. I am also ridiculously pleased whenever I see the shop with my name!

Sharon said...

I love this finish! My boys would like it too. This year I keep wanting to do personal stitched gifts for the family...however my stitching is against me this year. It's very slooooow. LOL