Wednesday, March 19, 2008

List #19: 2000

I didn't record any major projects this year, but I must have done some. Or maybe the dissertation was the major project? I also started working full time in 2000, so maybe that was it? I did stitch a lot of Christmas ornaments. Why are they still not on the tree? What is up with me and finishing? I have a lot of questions this morning, but few answers.

  • Leisure Arts Big Book of Baby Bibs, Bees For the baby-to-be, 1/13/2000. Stitched on a prefinished bib. She was a hefty baby, and it fit her for about a week. Oh well.
  • Frosty, Ewe and Eye and Friends, JCSO 2/10/00
  • Hearts Entwined, Moss Creek, JCSO 2/15/00

  • The Once-a-Year Visitor, Mosey 'n Me, JCSO, 2000 Notice the pathetic half finishing. I've made the pillow; I've stuffed it; I've pinned on the handmade twisted cording. Who am I kidding?
  • Joy, June Grigg, JCSO 2/15/00. I'll admit it: I took the pictures with no regard at all for which ornaments were stitched in which year. It's the one on the far right. Again with the pinned on cording. I did learn how to attach it!

    • Traditional Santa Sandy Cozzolino 4/4/00. I don't know why I actually tracked this one; I have a whole treeful of these ornaments that I can't tell you when I stitched. Also, I probably can't tell you which one this is.
    • Snow Fun Imaginating JCS Ornament 7/8/00. This ornament was a snowman with a little cat in a basket. I gave it to my framer who did a huge favor of framing something for me two days before Christmas. It was just a tiny little thing and I had the frame. She didn't charge me, so I sent her this. She has a shop cat, a giant lazy friendly shop cat. I should probably still be sending her little stitched kitties...
    • Itty Bitty Forever and Ever, Twisted Threads. I saw this at my cousin's house this past weekend which is the only way I remember that I stitched it! This is the thing that got framed no charge days before Christmas. It's stitched over one. Why did I forget my camera?
    • Rainbow Trout A Jane Greenoff kit my MIL gave me one Christmas. 7/9/00 I don't really know what to do with this... I mean, it's a fish.

    • Wee Chicken Heart In Hand Needlework, Stitched for my mother. 7/27/00
    • No Humbugs Sisters and Best Friends. I did this over one on the wrong size fabric so now even the tiniest JABC Christmas light buttons look huge on it. So it remains unfinished. (Unfortunately this is the one where Santa is tied up in the cord from the lights, and it really needs the bulbs. Or we could just make up a story about a Santa bondage scandal...)


    C in DC said...

    RE: No Humbugs

    Could you just use regular Mill Hill beads for the lights?

    You're inspiring me to try to track down everything I've ever stitched. I won't be able to be comprehensive, but I know where a lot of items ended up.


    Jenna said...

    Oh, you are SO close on some of that finishing! You should take this opportunity to complete them.

    Barbara said...

    "Santa bondage scandal" is going to land you with some very weird hits. ;)

    Coral said...

    "Big Book of Baby Bibs" not a "Book of Big Baby Bibs"!! You didn't read the title correctly! You really make me laugh!!

    Michelle said...

    I think you should dub April the month of finishing - and tack on that cording!!!!