Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Ninety-nine Revisited

Quietly, so far, I have been participating in National Blog Writing Month. I'm not so sure that there's resounding participation that there once was, but I like the challenge of coming up with something entertaining every day for a month. I scoured the internet and came up with a list of 93 ideas in case I get stuck. Ninety three should do the trick, right?

Today's assignment has me looking back to my 99th blog post. This took place on May 6, 2004. It was a short post, so I quote it in its entirety:
Fellow blogger, designer and teacher, The Embroideress was featured in Fine Lines this quarter. I own some of her blackwork designs (although they remain unstitched), but I didn't know much more about her except that she lives round these parts. I found her teaching philosophy to be intriguing and sensible--teaching technique rather than "a project." I agree that teachers are doing stitchers a disservice with the usual approach but they're also doing themselves a disservice. I haven't taken a class in a very long time because I haven't really liked any of the projects that are offered. Why should I spend a load of money on a project that I could do without a teacher? The only real reason I would do it would be to spend time with stitching friends. But if someone were going to show me a technique, and perhaps send me off to make a piece of my own, that would intrigue me.

The assignment asks me what I would change about this post. (Pictures! Blogger had no pictures back then!) But what is more interesting to me is what has changed in the industry. First, and probably foremost, is that Linn Skinner, The Embroideress, is no longer with us; she passed away in 2012. Less importantly, Fine Lines is no longer with us. (I hunted around to see when they stopped printing, but the best I could come up with is this post from 2006 when I noticed.) As for the rest, I stand by my post. I still haven't taken a class in a long time but I'm starting to think there are no more new techniques for me to learn. I'm probably wrong about that. (And I haven't done any better in stitching those Skinner Sisters blackwork patterns that I have.)


Glenna said...

If you post, we will read! I have that issue, but not for the blackwork, which I dislike (doing, not seeing it done). I got it for the Women of the Mayflower on the cover. Was so hot to do it and paid way too much for the magazine. Of course, haven't stitched it yet. But I will! Maybe. If I live long enough.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great theme for a post.
Have you tried stumpwork? That's an unknown art for me. As is punched needle. In fact I had not even heard of punched needle until this year.

Now I want to go back and look at some more old entries. I cannot imagine stitching blogging without pictures though! It'd be like ventriloquism on the radio! Which did actually exist,

Linda said...

I like that picture.


Margaret said...

National blog writing month sounds so challenging to me. I have no clue what I would write about. Having 93 ideas is good! Love this design -- I've seen it elsewhere but didn't know where it came from.

Melody said...

National blog writing month sounds like a great idea, but I know I would never stick to posting everyday. However, I will look forward to reading yours!

Thoeria said...

A post a day?! That's quite a tall order!

Like the theme of this one - going back and looking at an old post.....shows how much you may have grown :)