Thursday, May 06, 2004

Fine Lines

Fellow blogger, designer and teacher, The Embroideress was featured in Fine Lines this quarter. I own some of her blackwork designs (although they remain unstitched), but I didn't know much more about her except that she lives round these parts. I found her teaching philosophy to be intriguing and sensible--teaching technique rather than "a project." I agree that teachers are doing stitchers a disservice with the usual approach but they're also doing themselves a disservice. I haven't taken a class in a very long time because I haven't really liked any of the projects that are offered. Why should I spend a load of money on a project that I could do without a teacher? The only real reason I would do it would be to spend time with stitching friends. But if someone were going to show me a technique, and perhaps send me off to make a piece of my own, that would intrigue me.

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