Monday, October 06, 2014

I Made It Monday: Back to Stamping

Every summer my stamping group stops meeting. It feels like I don't stamp a single card, but surely I have? Friday night was our first gathering. It was a small but dedicated group, and I'm happy that rubber is meeting paper once again. I made two cards that I found on Pinterest both intended to use up scraps.

The first is a series of dots glued onto a background paper and then the whole piece is run through the embosser. This card uses the Stampin' Up! lattice folder. It gives the card such neat texture. This card sketch may make another appearance at Christmas time.

The second card also aims to use up scraps, and while I like it well enough, I think it needs a big round thing on the left hand side. The three cards hiding under the top one don't actually have a greeting stamped on them. How many autumnal birthday cards does a person need? I am thinking thank you notes since someone has a birthday coming. ;)

Maggie Monday

My aunt sent an email about a conversation my 92 year old grandmother, Maggie, had with her doctor. In order to understand the whole dialog that follows, you have to know that Maggie was recently prescribed a cream--for what I will not say because it will make you not want to get old--that cost $90. The next day Maggie asked my aunt if they should shop around at other pharmacies so they could get it cheaper. And away we go:

Maggie to doctor: Do you have a black pill for me?
Doctor: A magic pill?
Maggie: Something that will put me out of my misery.
Doctor: You have many good years left.
(Aunt relays story to me)
Me: Many?
Aunt: Good???
Me: It's a moot point anyway. The pharmacy would charge her too much for it.

Ba-dum dum. We'll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen, making fun of old ladies. (If you are new to my blog, please click on the Maggie Monday label. It should explain some things.)


Robin said...

Love the cards you created especially the top one! The embossing gives it a wonderful texture. The bottom card would make cool thank you notes or even thinking of you cards.

Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

Ah great story Nikki. Love the cards.


Margaret said...

Great cards! The embossing is really cool! lol -- love that story!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad to hear Maggie is alive and still Maggieish as ever!
My Nana used to disconcert her medical visitors by asking them for pills so she could end it all. All quite seriously too!
They didn't seem to understand she was ready to go, she was looking forward to seeing all her family again. It's must be nice to have such faith.