Thursday, May 01, 2014

Goal Tending

Good God how did it get to be May?

Last month, I think I drank some kind of optimism potion. The ones I actually stitched are bolded.
1. Tall Guys Christmas, Holiday Sparrow 
2. Lady Gray, Lilybet
3. A Mind Independent & Free, Carriage House
4. Off the Deep End, Raise the Roof
5.  Elizabethan Rose, Moss Creek
6. Majestic Rooster, Linda Jary
7.  Treasured Tulips, Nutmeg Needle
8. 16th Century Knot Garden, Liz Turner Diehl
9. Watercolor Geranium
10. A Fish Tail, Theresa Layman
11.Shining Star, SamSarah
12. Tis the Season, Blackbird
13. Merry and Bright, Heart's Content
14. Love Me, Love My Dog, Mill Hill (Sticks)
15.  Leave a Light on, Teresa Layman
16.  Emerald Mermaid, Mirabilia
17. Marquoir, Bleu et Rouge
18. Santa kit, Dimensions
19. St. Basil's Cathedral, Dimple's Designs
20. Friendship, Brightneedle
21. Green Snowman, Shepherd's Bush
22. Friendship Gathering, Blackbird Designs
23. June Morning, Good Huswife
24. Thistle, Charland Designs 
25. Great Pumpkin Conspiracy, Cross-Eyed Cricket 
26. Deruta Biscornu, Giulia Punti Antichi
27. Two Fine Houses,  Hands to Work
28. Smalls SAL
29. New start 1
30. New start 2

I am scaling "way back" for May. First of all, I've signed up for a knitting class. And secondly, I haven't finished the knitting projects for the shower in June. And yet.

I'm going to have a "Molly May"--that's when you choose 10 projects to work on in a three day rotation, named for Molly who works at my LNS.
May 1-3      Emerald Mermaid
May 4-6      Anniversary Project
May 7-9      Small SAL
May 10-12  Marquoir
May 13-15  A Fish Tale
May 16-18  Emerald Mermaid (because, it's still not done)
May 19-21  16th Century Knot Garden
May 22-24  Thistle
May 25-27  Off the Deep End
May 28-30  Love Me, Love My Dog


Linda said...

Those goals look doable Nikki.


Thoeria said...

Oh there's nothing wrong with being overly optimistic when goal setting :) Good luck with your Molly May goals! (Can you believe it's May already??!)

Margaret said...

Oh fun! What knitting class are you taking?

Kristen said...

You got more done last month than I did, Nikki, so don't feel bad.

Show us what you'll be knitting!

Kristen said...

You got more done last month than I did, Nikki, so don't feel bad.

Show us what you'll be knitting!

Marcy said...

Oooo, the great pumpkin conspiracy .... I started that a couple years ago but didn't get very far on it. I should dig it out. Good luck with your may projects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Goals are just suggestions not rules!!

Looking forward to this month's stitching.

Stitchinowl said...

I like the Molly May idea. I am getting tired of stitching the same WIP, CHS Gilded Cage. I need to quickly kit up 2 starts and join in on the Molly May "challenge".