Thursday, August 01, 2013

Dog Days

July's stitching theme was Christmas, and I made some headway on my goals. 
  • New start! SamSarah's Shining Star--I started it, and I love it!
  • Shepherd's Bush's Black Snowman-- I did some idiot stitching--lots of fill-in. Lots and lots!
  • Ornament SAL/ Tall Guys' Christmas--I finished my ornament well in advance of the deadline! I love doing these little pieces every month. Then, I worked on Tall Guys and they all have faces. Now they will beseech me with their beady eyes and perhaps I will keep stitching on them. (HA!)
  • New Start! Blackbird's Tis the Season--Yes indeed!

During the uberhot and humid days of August, I'm going to work on my projects that have dogs. I'm hoping to finish them both, but let's be realistic. If  Star Light gets done I'll be overjoyed.
  • Star Light Star Bright
  • Love Me, Love My Dog
  • Ornament SAL

Stella approves.
She also hogs the couch.


Berit said...

Sounds good! Looks like August will be a reprieve from the first 3/4 of July's scorching heat for us...shocked.

Idk what my goals are, but I know what they should be--Finishing! (This is, of course, if it is appropriate for me to log stitching time at all.)

Robin said...

Good luck to you on your August goals! Who is the designer for Love Me, Love My Dog? Stella is such a cutie!

Robin in Virginia

Susan said...

Sounds doable, especially if we have another heat wave that forces us to stay inside.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Nice progress! Stella looks like she's ready for the summer dog days!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Goals are good but achieving them, even better! Good luck with your August goals. Stella rules the roost!

Sharon said...

Loving all your starts. I have Shining Star-but I fell in love with the SB conversion. Of course I see your bright colors and I am back to liking them. I am so fickle.