Thursday, July 11, 2013

All the Quilts That's Fit to Print

My annual report from the Kutztown Folk Festival is late! The dude and I went last Friday, but then I was busy with job interview prep, the interview itself (four hours with 13 people!), and recovery. Actually, yesterday was the dude's birthday, so there was lots to do with that. It's all kept me away from you and you away from the beautiful quilts that get auctioned every year in Kutztown.

This quilt was quite striking with the black background. Honestly, sometimes when I look at the picture I think, "Wow, kind of old lady." But my first impression was "Wow, striking." I vacillate.

 This was a beautiful muted brown and blue quilt. It would have been beautiful in our bedroom. But I didn't have the $800 for the starting bid. (Also, how do you know the economy hasn't bounced back entirely? The starting bid is under $1200.)
This quilt is called "A Summer Retreat" but I think of cathedral windows when I see it. It's not at all but that's what it reminded me of.

The Dresden plates pattern is made so fresh and new with the colors and fabrics that they called it Dresden stripes. This was just a knock out. Gorgeous!

Do I take a picture of the distelfink quilt every year? Nevermind. I love the quilts that use motifs from the hex signs. Love! One of these days, this will have to come home with me. (No idea where I'll put it, but I kind of feel obligated to have this hex quilt of a different kind.)

Lookie here--even the dude recognized this one for what it was: cross-stitch. (And of course, it's the worst picture I took all day!) It's the whole 12 days of Christmas--I think by Teresa Wentzler. A thousand bucks is too little no doubt, but compared to the sale quilts (as opposed to the auction quilts) that's a lot of money!
Our traditional photo of the dude and his ox. He was so funny on the ride to the fair complaining how hungry he was. (He doesn't really complain; he is British after all.) I was pretty sure he was going to gnaw the ox right off the spit. But this photo is standing between a man and his sandwich, hence that smile--he's totally humoring me.

I hope you enjoyed this year's trip to the fair!


Margaret said...

Loved it! Great pictures of the quilts and cross stitch -- and your guy too!

Beth said...

Good luck job hunting. So. Many oretty quilts.

Annie said...

Gorgeous quilts. I don't think that first one is old-ladyish at all, but that may be due to my old-ladyish age.

Hope you get the job if you still want it after that grueling interview!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I have to agree... the colors on the Dresden Plates quilt are fabulous! Nice of our guys to humor us now and then for a photo, isn't it?

Linda said...

Looks like a fun time Nikki.


Karen said...

Beautiful quilts! Looks like a fun day.

Chris said...

Gorgeous quilts. Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday to the Dude!

Melody said...

What beautiful quilts! I think the black one is my favorite.

Happy Birthday, belated to your guy!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

They are beautiful. I don't quilt but my maths brain loves the geometry!

I have just bought the Teresa Wentler charts, if I stitch them and you sew them into a quilt we can split the $1,000 ok?

Robin said...

Yum, the sandwiches and the quilts. I haven't been in several years......thanks for reminding me I need to go again!