Monday, February 04, 2013

I Just Thought of It; It Must Be **New**

Found on the NewMedia website "The Leading Customer Publisher in South Africa": "In the out-of-the box world of VISI, old is new, DIY is hip, recycling is on trend and cross-stitching is no longer exclusively granny territory. Case in point: the stand-out cover of the 192-page DIY ‘Bright Ideas’ issue of VISI, on shelf Monday 28 January, which is an actual hole-punched cross-stitch pattern bundled with a sample of red Mohair yarn, just begging to be stitched."

Wow, where do we begin? Grannies. Check. Hipness of the DIYers. Check. This is news to me so it must be news. Check.

I mean, have we already forgotten cross-stitched Harper's Bizarre? The Philadelphia Inquirer's use of cross-stitch? Quirk Book's 2003 publication "Dirty Words of Wisdom"?

I'm grudgingly granting that perforating the cover so people can stitch their own is new, but why? 


riona said...

I never fail to get a laugh from your ever so slightly acerbic comments on media mentions of cross stitching and other textile arts.

C in DC said...

Did you notice that in the spring mini, Stampin' Up has a kit for doing combo XS and stamping cards, complete with floss? At least the catalog didn't reference grannies.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like it when you reference old posts! I can play "catch-up" for the bitching I missed.