Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ten for February

Here we are at the end of January already. I had that week with the hacking cough, and the week of the job interview, which overlapped a bit with the week of the hacking cough. I feel like the interview went well but it's still not over. I had a writing assignment to do. That's complete but I'm sending it in tomorrow, once I've had a chance to sleep on it. And then we wait...

My very tiny goals for this month:

  1. Five new crazy starts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five
  2. Work on WIPs with the goal of finishing at least four this year: I had a finish
  3. Stitch a monthly ornamentI apologize to Silverlotus. I go all half-cocked and sign up for the ornament SAL. I put the posting dates in my calendar, and still my ornament isn't completed. But it should be by tomorrow. I'll post it then.

In the meantime, here's a pretty picture. Well, it's a picture of a pretty thing. The picture itself leaves a lot to be desired. (It's dark out. Cut me some slack!) This is the progress I've made on Star Light Star Bright by Little by Little. The last time I had it out it looked like this. I have just one word to go before I fill the night sky with stars. Very close now.

I'm going to stick with my Molly Rotation for February--three days on ten projects (so I guess I'll need to borrow some days from March!)
  1. Lady Gray, Lilybet (1-3)
  2. Black Snowman, Shepherd's Bush (4-6)
  3. February's Ornament (7-9)
  4. Me & You Sampler, Midsummer Night (10-12)
  5. Crazy Love, Cross Eyed Cricket (13-15)
  6. Boris, Plum Street (16-18)
  7. That Dern Parrot, Sheepish Designs (19-21)
  8. Off the Deep End, Raise the Roof (22-24)
  9. Treasured Tulips, Nutmeg Needle (25-27)
  10. A Mind Independent and Free, Carriage House (28-March 2)
And because I like to sign up for things, I've signed up to do a Month of Letters. The challenge is to send a handwritten note in the post every day the mail operates in February. And to respond to everyone who writes back. Because I'm, you know, a show-off, I'm making all the cards I send. Fortunately, I have some in the can.


Linda said...

What a great piece Nikki. I really love the colors in it.


Thoeria said...

Had a little giggle at your *tiny* goals :) That doesn't seem tiny to me at all! Lovely progress on your piece....almost almost there!

Coral said...

Tiny goals? I have no goals at the moment. Besides a 50th wedding anniversary piece that I will be finishing before May. It's not started.... Yet!

I love your star light, star bright.

riona said...

Wow, I really like the idea of a Month of Letters.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I want to do the Letters Thing too!!

I suffer from "don't leave me out of exciting things-itis".

I love your Star Light piece, it's one of my favourite childhood rhymes. It reminds me of walking home from my grandparents in the winter evenings and spotting the first stars.

Silverlotus said...

There is a reason I'm leaving the check in open for a week. lol! I'm working on February's ornament right now so I don't have to worry about not having mine done.

You've got good goals for the month. I wish you piles of success!