Friday, January 04, 2013

Lady Gray and The Missing List

The first day of January usually sees me popping up here with a list of goals for the coming year. This year, I didn't feel like I had the quiet time to think and write my end of year/new year posts. Then, one of my friends suggested we do this touchy-feely hippy-dippy create your sparkly fabulous life workbook. And here's the crazy thing: I said yes. Totally not me, as I'm sure you have gleaned from careful reading. So I am still working on how gorgeous I want my 2013 to be. And I don't know what that will mean for the list. 

Of course I will try to finish some of what I started (more than last year, so upwards of four). Also, I was thinking I should make five new starts because that's how many things I finished from last year's Crazy January Nine. Since it's only five starts, I thought the three-day Molly rotation would work best. Because I hadn't been thinking about this since November, only a few projects were completely kitted and ready to stitch. So three days on one projects gives time for some items I've ordered to come in. Then I thought, maybe you should start 10 projects since January has thirty-one days. But I quickly came to my senses. I will fill in with projects that I've already started. I mean, come on, the only resolution I have right now is to finish more projects off my WIPs list than I did last year! Get to work, gorgeous. 

I started with Lilybet's, Lady Gray. She didn't see a whole lot of action though. Between sleeping very late on January 1, getting new smart phones that we have been trying to figure out playing with, picking up the dog from the vet*, I just didn't have much time for her ladyship.

Today, much to the chagrin of my old ladies at the library, I started something new. They are, if not real one-at-a-timers, very-few-at-a-timers and they have seen me start too much and finish too little. I'm giving them agita over there.

My cousin posted a photo on FB of a necklace I made her for Christmas. You might recognize it from my pinterest board (it's either in crafts or gifts to make). It's an Anthropologie knock-off and it came out pretty well though I say it myself. At least I know she liked it. 

*She passed the object and is still improving. However, she's been acting weird. For some reason, she will only come into the house from our fenced back yard if we leash her. She seems crazy-spooked by the house. And she's only eating half as much as normal. I'm putting it down to the meds for now. And hope to see continued improvement. I'll keep you posted.


Linda said...

Great new start. Gorgeous necklace.


Brigitte said...

I also cut the number of projects for my personal Crazy Challenge - I'll be starting 8 new projects and it will only be in February. On the other hand I'll be starting a couple of BAPs to make up for the small list of Crazies, lol.
Good luck with your Crazy Challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing your next starts.

Cole said...

Lovely necklace!

Glad Stella's improving - hopefully everything will be back to normal for her soon :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great necklace.
I'm increasing the number on my list to 13, "13 in '13" but they're getting smaller each year!!
By the time I get to 2020 it'll all be L*K designs.
Glad pooch is recovering if still a little freaked.

Margaret said...

Beautiful necklace. Happy New Year to you, 'the Dude' and to Stella.

Sherry :o) said...

Love the necklace. Look forward to seeing what you do for 2013. Glad Stella is home - hope she continues to improve! Happy New Year.

fawn said...

I like the soft grey colors on your new project. Pretty necklace!