Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Santa, Day 4

Y'all, I spent last night with the wailing and gnashing of teeth that comes with trying to buy presents for the in-laws. It's so hard when you don't see people. When you can't get a handle on their tastes. When you have to ship overseas or buy stuff online from shops you are unfamiliar with. The bad news is, I forgot to bring you this Santa. The good news is, you can set etsy up so it will just show you items that are made in a country or region, say, the UK. The bad news is I still can't find a gift for my SIL. {Sigh} This is so cranky making! (Why is it so hard to get a pretty* photo album in the UK?)

This is another of my mother's former Santas. He's covered in clear glitter and has a sweet face.

For the card crafters, an easy Santa card to copy. Who doesn't love glitter this time of year?

*And by that I mean this not this. (And seriously $80? Really?)


Silverlotus said...

I hate to say it, but I'm glad we don't exchange gifts with my in-laws. They aren't Christmas-y people, and it makes my life much easier since I would have no idea what to get them.

Good luck in your search! The right gift will show up, I'm sure.

Maggie said...

We don't exchange gifts with in-laws either, haven't for years, so glad i don't have the hassle of finding them a present either, We received a Christmas card from MIL & FIL last year and below the 'Merry Christmas' etc. in brackets it said 'Happy Birthday Maggie'! Now just how cheap is that!
so, presents for the in-laws? not on your nelly, lol

Love today's Santa :-)

ChrisG said...

My MIL has been known to regift right back to the sender, namely ME!! She gets nothing from me now. Her son can get her present which she will regift to someone else. LOUSY!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Try this site! They are very reputable, ask the Dude!

Really enjoying your daily Santa dose.