Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tall Guys and Parking Woes

The dude took me out for lunch today with one of the gift cards he got to one of the specialty food stores nearby. They have outstanding cheeses...well they have outstanding everything but it's the cheese that people are thinking about when they buy the gift cards for the dude. And we did buy cheese--a very expensive gouda-style (raw milk cheese) Old Remeker. But the swearing and gnashing of teeth involved with finding a parking space threatened to ruin our meal. I won't be able to get him to leave home on the weekends again until February at the earliest. (He decided to convert to Judaism so he wouldn't have to celebrate Christmas. When I reminded him Hanukkah had eight crazy nights, he decided he may start living up to his atheist values and refusing presents. Of course, that wouldn't keep me out of the parking lots on his behalf.)

I worked on my Tall Guys Christmas last night while we watched Taken. We were watching it in preparation to see Taken 2. That's off the table--we thought the first one was only okay. (Lincoln and Skyfall are still on the list however.)

Tonight we're headed out to celebrate the dude's new job. Burgers! Fries! Alcoholic milk shakes! Woohoo!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Having to wrestle for parkings makes Rob crabby, too! Didn't see Taken 2 but did see Lincoln last night and really liked it! Daniel Day Lewis was Wonderful as was Sally Fields.

Linda said...

The piece your working on looks interesting.


MelissaD said...

New job for the dude? must have missed that - hope it's a good thing! :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Interesting piece you're stitching.

The trailers for Lincoln look great.

The celebration dinner sounds fantastic!

Jennifer said...

Skyfall was great! I love Daniel Craig as James Bond. I can't say much for Lincoln other than it is also on my "to see" list. I'm hoping that my MIL will let me tag along with her sometime this weekend.