Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crafting Day

Photo ts featuring her gerbils and dog
Today was our annual crafting day with my niece. She's 12 so I'm not sure how many of these days she'll want to do. I like to think it's not our last, but who knows?

She began the day with baking rolls with the dude. During the rise, we tie-dyed two t-shirts and made two photo shirts. We took a break for lunch and we discussed how we might make a felt bunny case for her phone. We made a pattern and cut it out adding buttons for eyes and nose. While she was adding whiskers, the dude called her down to finish making the rolls.

She returned with diminished energy. (The kneading kills her, and her uncle won't let her skimp.) We did get the rabbit sewn up. The ears have a paperclip between the green outer ear and pink lining. We had hoped this would provide some structural integrity so the ears would stand up. Unfortunately, they are too small and a bit heavy. We consulted the family engineer (my cousin and her mother) who suggested collar stays. She may be brilliant! I hope they can work it out. My niece had a huge black pompom for a bunny tail. In fact, that was her inspiration. She's a creative one, this kid!

On our way back to her house tonight, I asked if she wanted to do this again next year. "I enjoyed our day, deeply," she replied. I told her she had me up until "deeply." But she said we can do it again next year. Any ideas for crafts for a thirteen year old that we can do in a day?


Needle Nicely said...

O, Anna, I do so wish I could suggest something because she is so obviously willing to participate. I hope someone else has more expertise in this area.

As a footnote, I must confess that I have realized that I exaggerated in my response to your scissors post. As a result of my hiding scissors from my husband, I have been unable to disclose my boastful amount of scissors. I am duly shamed--but am unrepentant. Sorry!

xeyedmary said...

My 14 year old niece loves to make cupcakes a la Cupcake Wars. What about looking into duct tape crafts?

Glenna said...

Maybe it's just what I like to do (build things), but what appealed to me at both that age and this one is building moving robots and structures. So the metal kits for the Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower and robot kits (there's a nifty one where you use a soft drink can for the body).

How about a lap quilt, either pieced or appliqued?

Chris said...

It sounds like a great day with awesome projects.
I hope that you come up with some wonderful ideas for next year.
Maybe you should start a pinterest board of ides so you can keep ideas throughout the year and prep for the 2013 extravaganza.

Anne said...

My nieces are in their 20's and still craft with me. Over the years we have done polar fleece boa scarves, polar fleece lap robes with the knotted fringe, patchwork pillows, scrapbooking, origami, and knitting.
I hope your niece never stops crafting with you!


Linda said...

Love the t-shirts and the rabbit. Great job to both of you. Sorry, I have no ideas for next year, or how about cross stitch. A small beginner kit.


Jennifer said...

Hit up pinterest for ideas. Maybe some kind of clay sculpting / ornaments? Or painting / decorating wood picture frames?