Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fifty Minutes

Frankly, letting the time tick down as a motivation is my M.O. I'm a dyed in the wool procrastinator. I get a lot of stuff done quickly in the end. And most of the time it's not half bad. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

I've gone with the Saturday 9:
1. Have you ever discovered a betrayal? If so, did you ask, “How long has THIS been going on”? Oh, I've discovered a betrayal. But it was kind of easy to figure out how long it had been going on...

2. What is the longest line you've ever stood in? Would you do it again? I once went on a date to see the director's cut of Blade Runner. We were in a line around the block at the NuArt. I would never stand in line for a movie again.

3. Someone has hung a sign around your neck, and you have to wear it all day long. What does it say? Someone has, have they?

4. As the Christmas season approaches, what song is it that you just can't wait to hear? Silver Bells, but I'm not ready to hear it yet. 

5. What Christmas song do you dread to hear? Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer.

6. How often do you read the last chapter of a book first? Never. Never. Never. 

7. Do you have a favorite movie that you just love to see each year during the holidays? White Christmas, and I think we're going to see it on the big screen this year! Woot.

8. Do you enjoy winter in the area that you live? I used to. When I first moved here, winters were super mild, like we would get six inches of snow at a time and it would be gone before you needed to shovel. (You have 24 hours to clear your sidewalk after the snow stops.) When I lived here in the 80s it was the same. The past few years we've had record breaking snow. I'm not loving it.

9. At holiday I think we all show more kindness. In your opinion, is this a “concept” that has value (like money or other tangible things) or does it exist as simply emotion? Why? Why would emotions not have value? Is this asking whether Christmas spirit really exists? Whether it should? What now? See, writing questions isn't as easy as it looks, is it?


Melissa said...

Oh all you "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" haters! LOL! It's not my favorite either, have you heard "Merry Christmas from the Family"? I think Montgomery Gentry sings it. Fun, but baaaaad! LOL

Jennifer said...

I like Oh Holy Night, which is kind of bizarre for a confirmed agnostic. But it's a lovely song.