Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Long Weekend

Labor Day weekend! We had a busy one. Our visitors left on Saturday afternoon. We did get to have a wonderful breakfast at Minella's with them before they headed down to Baltimore for their flight. Then we went home to have a rest. These three weekends with our nephews have been sleepy-making.

On Sunday, we headed to the Maryland State Fair with best pal and her family, and another stitchy friend and her family. We checked out the craft exhibit, and let me tell you, we totally should be entering these things! Except don't stitch your piece on overdyed fabric; the judges did not favor that. They liked the pictures that were stitched entirely. They didn't seem to mind if you did a lousy job mounting your piece on sticky board though. (Ugh!)

On Monday, we continued the family tradition of going to Hershey Park. We paid full-price (we never do that!) so I calculated that I would have to ride more than 10 rides to get my money's worth. I rode the carousel (left and above), swings (twice) (below), Coal Cracker, Dry Gulch Railroad, Flying Falcon, Great Bear, The Howler, Tilt-a-Whirl, Pirate Ship (twice), and Trail Blazer. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. My developmentally delayed niece insisted on riding Great Bear, the first inverted looping coaster in Pennsylvania. She had just gone on a different rollercoaster, and I think she thought she was ready. When she got off, I asked if she liked it. "NO!" Poor thing. Her big sister, on the other hand, was perhaps too enamored of Storm Runner, which goes from 0 to 72 in two seconds. It only lasts 34 seconds. I say I can do anything for 45 seconds, but I may be overestimating because I cannot make myself go on that one! Great fun was had by all. I've been working on "Frost" (on the pumpkin); photos when we have a little sunshine!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like a full, fun weekend! The only ride I'd get on is the carousel and then, only if it didn't spin too quickly. Getting older is hell on your equilibrium (among many other things). I rode the coaster at Disney that went from 0-60 in a couple of seconds and it wasn't nearly so bad as it seems like it would be. The pic of me wasn't too flattering though - it does wicked things to your face at that quick take off! Coasters, in general, are not my friend. Love the shot of the underside of the swings - very cool!

Silverlotus said...

Oh, gosh, just looking at the pictures makes me feel dizzy. I seemed to have lost my sense of balance after I had Baby Man.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, though. And I love the images on the roof of the swing ride.

Karen said...

What a beautiful carousel horse! I love carousels :-)

Lee said...

I can't do the spinning rides, and even thinking about the swings or the carousel makes me a little green. But roller coasters? All day, baby!

I have to say that the rides that drop you - like dropping in an elevator or something maybe called a Demon Drop - those give me fear sweats.

Can't wait to see the pumpkins you'll stitch this year!

The Queen Bee said...

Oh, me too. Lost my equilibrium after kids. Must be nature's way of keeping us squarely on the ground. Do you think it comes back when they move out? I sure do miss a good Tilt-a-whirl ride.

But, Lee, those dropping rides... I am so drawn to them it's almost unhealthy. I love that feeling of free falling. The problem is the wait...sitting up on the top of that thing just waiting for it to let go...the longest 5 seconds of your life.

Can't wait to see the stitchy pics.


Peggy Lee said...

I'm not sure if I've still "got it" for those types of rides but I don't think I'll be finding out any time soon.
You actually calculated? Well aren't we thrifty!

Glad you had fun...I haven't been to a fair in years. It's time.

Siobhan said...

I used to love amusement parks when I was younger. Now I just stand there freaking out the whole time, hoping nothing happens. It sucks being an adult sometimes. ;) I'm glad that your visitors enjoyed themselves!

Mouse said...

gosh am feeling exhausted already ,,,lol .. can't do rides they won't let me on PHEW .. hope things are a wee bit less hetic and you get some stitching in love mouse xxxx

doris said...

Oh, the coasters! I love them. Lee and I could go to the amusement park together, because the spinny stuff is out for me, too. Gee, since my nieces and nephews got older, I haven't been on rides at all.

Congrats on such a fun weekend.

Alice said...

Oh Hershey Park! I love amusement parks, but mostly for the people watching and the fun atmosphere. My tummy just can't take the coasters any more.

Brave Astronaut said...

And a good time was had by all! Thanks for coming and hanging out with the family!