Friday, September 09, 2011

Clever Cleverness

Clever people:
An interesting 3-D effect in cross stitch by Pony in a Rope.

Spastique boutique's Blue tits turn tits for the Sew Risque show.

Cross-stitch a manicure at The Daily Nail. (No holes, silly.) {via Crafter}

I heard Susan Stamberg on NPR this morning talking about her visit to Maison Lesage, a French hand embroiderer to Chanel. You can listen at the link. I think my next stitching challenge will be for you to stitch something based on one word from Karl Lagerfeld.

And this is how you really do subversive stitching. Edited: Longer article here.


xeyedmary said...

The 3-D is like staring into a 100-W incandescent light, then looking away! ACk! My eyes are still watering!

Catherine said...

Hubby found the subversive article interesting.

doris said...

I was reading some of the comments about the cross-stitched nails, and it was so interesting to read what people had to say about stitching. All of the articles were interesting (especially the POW), and I'm not sure why I was surprised by the comments.

adie said...

This looks so great ;) I was a picture of roses made my the same little crosses but on the wall and now I can say that this is quite tricky for nails too.

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Jenna said...

*tap-tap* Are you still in there? You have disappeared, so I just wanted to see if you were okay...