Monday, August 01, 2011


Headless Snowman
Thank you all so much for your comments on the path! I've been looking for them. :) When we were working on Sunday, there was a party in the neighborhood and people drove by slowly gawking at us. Once the path was laid, I kept wondering why no one told us how fabulous it looked! (A heckuvalot better than having the four tons of gravel and pallet of bricks on the lawn!) But no one did. They'd drive by at a crawl nearly stopping with necks craned in our direction but did anyone unroll a window and shout encouragement? No. Jersey kept yelling, "Thanks. Appreciate it!" at them. Finally someone left the party and walked by looking at it the whole time. "Doesn't it look great?" I shouted at him. (Hey, it's not beyond me to fish for a compliment.) You all have been much more forthcoming in your praise, and I appreciate it. I'll be sure to let you know when we finish cutting all the odd bricks.

In July, I tried to:
  1. Finish finish four projects--not so much. I am putting this at the top of the list for August.
  2. One page of the marquoir--I missed stitch night. I'm just not feeling this right now, I guess.
  3. Finish anniversary present by July 14--it's finished and given
  4. Blue Snowman, Shepherd's Bush--I spent some time on this (pictured)
  5. Snowman Stocking, Bent Creek--yes, see it here.
  6. Merry and Bright, Heart's Content--I didn't get to this one but that's okay.
  7. Blog every day. I will be doing the NaPoBloMo which has a theme this month of "swim." --I missed two days; not bad.
I've really got to get a move on on the Crazy January Challenge, especially since Christmas gift making season is approaching...
  1. Finish-finish five projects
  2. Complete Blue Snowman, Shepherd's Bush  
  3. Complete Willow Trees Sampler, City Stitcher
  4. 10 hours on Dog Lessons for People, Lizzie*Kate
  5. 10 hours on That Dern Parrot, Sheepish Designs 
  6. One page of the marquoir


lewmew said...

I'm working on Dog Lessons too! I take it with me to work, go to the park at lunch, plug into my book on disk and stitch for 40 minutes or so. I've made it through the Dog Lessons for People and first line....I'm doing it in a Royal Purple overdye (GAST) and a beautiful turquoise overdye someone gave me. I also intend to stich "Love unconditionally" in red :)

Alice said...

Aw, that's too bad. People really should speak up a little more often; being stingy with compliments is a very bad habit indeed.

You have done well on your goals!

Siobhan said...

What cheeky mares you have for neighbors, not giving you props for such a beautiful garden path. I think it looks great!

Good luck with your goals!

Andrea said...

That snowman is coming along nicely. I love all of the SB colorful snowmen :)