Sunday, July 03, 2011

Kutztown Folk Festival

Braving the severe storm warning, we headed out to the Kutztown Folk Festival, our family tradition. As usual there was much eating, a little shopping, and ogling of the quilts.

This beauty greeted you on entering the quilt barn. The colors were just so smashing. I'm not sure I've captured them.

This quilt had a striking three dimensional look. That center square just **popped**. Remarkable.

This quilt was called "Distelfink Log Cabin." The distelfink is a stylized goldfinch regularly used in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. What a great idea!

I take this photo every year. But usually, there's a blond child next to the brunette. This year mom rode  the carousel with her because her sister is in North Carolina. 

And the dude should always have his photo taken while he is eating.


Robin said...

Oh I love that Kutztown Festival. Haven't been in years. I forgot about the quilt barn! Thanks for the memory! Think it will be on my schedule for next year.

mainely stitching said...

The large dead animal behind the Dude makes for an interesting backdrop. LOL.

Pat said...

Beautiful quiltss. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam said...

Beautiful quilts!

Alice said...

Is that just a snack to tide the Dude over until the pig is done?
Beautiful quilts!