Saturday, July 02, 2011

Halfway Mark

Interesting how we all have our preferred places to swim. I recently met someone who doesn't swim in the ocean (and he lives in Florida) because fish are dirtying our oceans. (Yeah, it's the fish.) I guess that's why there's all sorts of places to take a dip.

Today, we are officially halfway through 2011. How am I doing with my annual goals?
  1. Find a job. --I haven't yet, but I continue to make applications and talk to people who can help me. For someone who's been un/deremployed for nearly 2.5 years, I remain fairly optimistic. Fairly. 
  2. Crazy January Challenge. --I have finished four, which is not half. But I enjoyed making these new starts, and I do have the projects on my radar.
  3. Work on the marquoir; finish one page (of the 22 remaining) each month. I need to increase this goal in order to make better progress. --Another project where I started strong and slowed. I haven't been to stitch night in a while, and I haven't taken it out to work on otherwise. This is the same problem I had last year. Of course, I have a mistake that needs to come out, which means I haven't rushed back to it.
  4. Finish-finish one project a month.--In this case, I've started slowly and have picked up lately. There's a bright point!
  5. Complete one quarter of my WIPs (see here)--or four. I've done one, which is not the halfway point.
  6. Learn to crochet.--I have that kit I received at Christmas but it remains unopened.
  7. Become proficient in Photoshop. --Wish I had a better report to make, but I got nothing.
I am glad I've had the opportunity to look over this list again. I've been doing well with some--they at least remain on my to-do list--but haven't done anything at all with others. I shall remedy this.


Southpaw Stitcher said...

You're doing fine. At least you have goals. I haven't even made a to-do list this year... although I did (somewhat foolishly) announce on my blog that it looked likely that I would finish a canvaswork stand-up project that is currently going nowhere. And I don't even know how to swim. (Wish I lived closer so I could teach you how to crochet. It's easy. If you can swim, you should be able to crochet.)

Sher said...

I can help you with crochet - in Havertown! I live there too. Recently came across your blog.