Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Marching Forth

For February:
  1. Finish one page of the marquoir. Yes!
  2. Finish-finish one project. No. 
  3. Work on Love, Me (due May 14th) Nope.
  4. Finish Just Nan, Owl Winder Pocket I worked on it, and am about halfway done.
  5. Finish Just Nan, Screamy Mimi Finished!
  6. Finish Heartland House, Tree of Life Window Another no.
I did, however work extensively on Sisters and Best Friends, Winter Peace.

For March:
  1. Finish a page of the marquoir.
  2. Finish-finish one three projects. (let's try to catch up)
  3. Finish Love, Me (due May 14th)
  4. Finish S&BF, Winter Peace
  5. Work on City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler
Like many in the stitching community, I was saddened to hear about the death of Lisa Roswell of Primitive Stitches. Let us, each of us, honor her memory with our needles. Let each ex we make following her patterns be a prayer for her and her family.


valerie said...

Great progress on your Marquoir. Love the color combo. And well said about Lisa. So sad but we can and will honor her in stitches.

Karen said...

Anna, as usual I'm a day late and a dollar short. Please e-mail me the address to send a card for Maggie. E-mail is conleyk57 at gmail dot com.

Alice said...

Winter Peace is looking so nice! Those colours feel so... peaceful.

I usually stitch with an audio book on, or watching a documentary, but today I will be stitching in silence and contemplation in honor of Lisa Roswell.

Coni said...

Beautifully said. Thank you for that.

Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on both pieces. Lisa will be missed, and stitching is a great way to honor her memory.

Jenna said...

I adore that Sisters and Best Friends piece. It's gorgeous! And I, too, what shocked and saddened by the news about Lisa. I will definitely remember her and the value of and beauty in my own life every time I stitch.

Aussie Stitcher said...

It is always sad to hear of losing someone from the stitching community. My stitching today will be in honor of Lisa. I had my fingers crossed that Maggie's card would arrive in time, I am hoping that the Victoria Australia card was from me.

Anna van Schurman said...

Yes, Joanne, it was!