Friday, February 25, 2011

Show Off

Just Nan, Screamy Mimi with Pretty Scissors
Today one of the ladies at the library called me a show off. I know she meant it playfully, but I still felt a little bad. I finished *another* piece. I had *another* pair of pretty scissors. I was working on the marquoir. Regarding the latter I will not brook name calling. That mofo is taking me forever. I am not showing off by toiling away on it. Once it is framed and hanging on my dining room wall then you can call me a show off. I won't care a whit as I will make every visitor to my house pay homage to it.

One of the nice ones asked if anyone was interested in learning about ravelry because a local shop is having a class on it. The librarian suggested that we could have a class right here! next week! Someone* declared she was not interested in ravelry--"they will steal your identity from things like that." I think there are a lot of people who give out way too much information on their blogs (their kids' whole names, for example) but puh-lease. Ravelry is where your secret-most life information will be robbed from you? Her loss. (Let's face it, the more you hear about her, the more you realize she is missing out on life.) And ours too because once again she totally shut down conversation.

Yesterday the first cards arrived for Maggie from Oneonta, New York and West Grove, Pennsylvania. Today, Yuma, Arizona. She is going to be so surprised. Also probably completely perplexed. And who doesn't love confusing the old ladies?

* Edited to add: it's the nemesis, people; of course it is.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh, No! I put all the cards I had for Maggie (5, I think) in one big envelope - maybe you can just give her that and then she can open the individual cards....

When I framed And They Sinned, I told DH that if anyone came in and didn't comment on it (at least the first time), they'd have to leave. I think he prompted a lot of folks to comment so the parties wouldn't end prematurely!

The Old Lady sounds like a drag....

Alice said...

Confusing old ladies and tipping cows... my kind of fun. Well, not entirely. My card will be in the mail tomorrow, I just missed today.

Off to google ravelry.... sounds like revelry, which really is my cup of tea.

Alice said...

Also, on showing off... you have every right to show off! Sounds like a challenge to me.

Kristen said...

Those library ladies? Wow, tough crowd. :/

Congrats on your finish!

Jodie said...

This...."someone" sounds SPECIAL!!! Hahaha...I've heard terrific things about revelry! Someone I work with uses it and just swears its the greatest invention ever. I haven't checked it out yet, but I certainly plan to!

My card went out yesterday!!

Catherine said...

Sounds like someone in your library group might need some extra prune juice!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I;ve just googled Ravelry, it hardly sounds like the Devil's work to me!! Admittedly I did read "they steal your identity" as in photos stealing your soul type of thing rather than ID fraud!

Maybe the Nemesis is secretly an Amazonian tribesperson brought up away from civilisation. On second thoughts maybe that's abit insulting to Amazonian tribespeople!

Lelia said...

nice stitching Anna -- I think any progress on projects is great.

I kno some negative hags, and they do seem to take the air outta the room.

"missing out on life" .... hmmm, the older I get, the more time I'm spending out of the house + about.

I don't want to miss anything!!!

This fossil refuses to
gather moss ; )

Anonymous said...

Thats why i don't stitch in a group....mean hateful old women! Don't let them bring you down.