Thursday, October 14, 2010

News that's Fit

I've been focusing on Christmas gift making, but I'm sort of midway through several projects with nothing much to show. I've started the applique on my quilt, but the weather wouldn't cooperate for picture taking. So today, I've got some news from Google Alerts and some items starred in my reader.

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. You're too kind.


Barbara said...

So ... how was your day??? Did you embroider your own tattoo? ;)

Annemarie said...

Happy birthday, dear Bitch. I hope you spent your entire day stitching, eating good food and celebrating.

Ahhh, the Daily Mail. A wonderful platform for informed journalists. Do you ever take the trouble to read the comment section? It takes up a good part of my day.

Donna said...

Nice news round up. Thanks for providing us with this valuable community service.

And the French Toast recipe is going on my list of things to try when I stop at home long enough to cook.

Caroline said...

"— Bring snacks and beverages — but nothing alcoholic if the craft involves tools or materials that could be dangerous."

My mother won't let me knit in the car if she's driving. This advice reminds me of her. How annoying.

C in DC said...

For the grandma count:

Crochet, Geometry, and the Coral Reef
(mid-way down the page)


"Art Beat" with Sabri Ben-Achour: Weekend Events, Oct. 15-17

(Oct. 16-Apr. 24) NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S CROCHETED CORAL REEF As it stands, crocheting is pretty cool, but it’s poised to become ice cold after the National Museum of Natural History’s Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibit. Coral reefs grow in ways best described by hyperbolic geometry, something that it turns out can be recreated using crochet. Two Australians happened upon this information and began fashioning reefs to raise awareness of how threatened these ecosystems are. They started a movement. See why tomorrow through April on the National Mall.

Coral said...

I occurs to me that we will be old before 'they' get it that crafting is not a old persons hobby. Too bad!

(Not a good thought)