Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dog Ate My Craftwork

They're all good when they're asleep.
Stella, on the whole, is a very good dog. She sits at corners when we're walking; she sits before she goes through a door; she waits to take her dinner or her treats until we tell her to. She's never eaten a whole slipper (Olivia, Sissy's foster dog) or dug through the bathroom trash, brought it onto the hallway carpet, and peed on it (Luka, Sissy's foster dog) or gone after a small dog when she's out on a walk (Belle, Sissy's dog)*. She's not perfect, but she's got some good manners on her. Usually, her stuff is her stuff, and our stuff is our stuff.

She does have some quirky habits. She prefers to lick herself (and you) dry when she (or you) get wet. She sometimes plays with her treats rather than eating them. For example, she'll take a cookie and flip it in the air before pouncing on it. On the whole, it's very cute.

So that's what I figured she was doing last night when she was frolicking around the living room. When I saw it was paper that she had, I thought it was unusual but picked it up to throw it away. That's when I noticed it was a cardstock flower that I had just made. Grrr. The flower will be part of the spa boxes I am making for Christmas. The outside will have these flowers on them; inside a knit washcloth and homemade spa treatments (milk bath, foot soak, and sea salt scrub). Last night I sat down to make the flowers--the ones that Stella doesn't like me punching out unless I am in the craft room--the ones that she doesn't like me hole punching--the ones she likes to lick dry and then toss around the room before pouncing on them. I'm going to need a tv for the craft room, if my dog is going to force me to do all my crafting in there. Perhaps, she, like you, is just tired of me saying I'm going to organize that space, and she's forcing me into the room because she knows the mess and disorganization and lack of decorating will impel me to do the job.

She is one smart cookie.

Edited: I've added links to the spa recipes.

*I am exaggerating for effect. I know if my family reads this I'm going to catch hell for, you know, having the dog that ate a kid's gerbil.


Kathy A. said...

LOL - life is nothing if not interesting and sometimes, very trying. You still manage to always find the humor!

Cole said...

haha! She's one smart pup all right :)

Can you post where you found the recipes for the spa products? I agree, they would make awesome gifts!

Miriam said...

Ah, dogs. Wesley came trotting happily out of the second bedroom/craft room last night trailing a long piece of yarn from a brand new skein.

::sigh:: I check Wesley every time he's chewing on anything. It's as likely to be half a box of tissues as it is a dog chew.

Rachel said...

My cat Lilith is VERY good at finding garbage; those little ties used on bread, bits of plastic from bags, and floss that may or may not have been on a perfectly good table.

Im like Miriam and check when ever she is on cloud nine playing with something small.

Barbara said...

My ferret once ate the hamster of a kid I babysat for. That was sort of traumatic.

Rigby gets into the bathroom trash whenever he can and generously spreads it throughout the house. Not one of my favorite tricks of his.