Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Would Rather Sit on a Pumpkin

You know how I love a pumpkin. 

When I saw these pumpkins on one pretty thing I knew I had to make them so I followed the link to Make Mine LimeI had a lot of bright orange scraps. Instead of adding a paper stem, I went with the lime green brad. Although the instructions suggested using 14 strips of paper, I found the larger size needed more on the outside as well as the inside. On the bright orange, I went with more on the inside. On the muted orange (below) I went with more on the outside (about 18). 

The rusty-colored pumpkin might benefit from having a stem as in the original project, but I kind of like the idea of not adding it. That way, one could fold them back up for storage. (Always thinking.) Still with brown brad, the rusty pumpkin doesn't quite look pumpkinish enough. Maybe it's the colors, which, ironically, are the ones found in nature.

Thanks so much for commiserating with me about traffic scofflaws. It can be a little frustrating when you're the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules. 

I hope to have my scrappy wreath to show tomorrow. 

Happy fall!


Kat said...

Those are really cute!


Raychill Canuck said...

I like these as well. I made about 12 of them last January with Christmas cards - just one layer though.

Real Live Woman said...

Those pumpkins are adorable!

Meadows08 said...

Love the pumpkins. They're super cute.

It annoys the hell out of me to sit in a long line of traffic and all those jerks that go up the shoulder don't get caught! Serves them right! I cheered when I read that.

Adrienne Martini said...

AHHHH! I LOVE these.

Alice said...

I like your pumpkin! You are thinking ahead with folding for storage.

Jenna said...

LOVE the pumpkins! Great job in your choice of paper.