Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Maggie

Somewhere there exists the perfect photo to illustrate this little Maggie Monday story. But I believe it is in the hands of my other grandmother.

My parents both grew up in the same small New Hampshire town (now a city). And most of my grandparents grew up in the same small New Hampshire town. In fact, my grandmothers went to school together. They went to the Catholic school and would have been educated in French, like my parents.

One day Maggie and Rita got called to the head of the class by the nun who was teaching them. "Since you enjoy making faces at each other," (I'm translating here) she told the young girls, "you can stand here and make faces at all your classmates." I don't know what I love best about this story. My grandmothers misbehaving? Hating each other enough to make faces? The image of two little girls making faces at the whole class?

When I was really young, I wondered how they could stand each other all these years later. To my young mind, someone you didn't like when you were a schoolgirl would be a person you never liked. They have managed to be in-laws these 44 years, a testament to their maturity.


Alice said...

Ohh. Sounds like they had the same teachers I did. I love the image of them both making faces at the class.... I imagine Maggie could pull that off.

C in DC said...

So, were your grandmothers in fact instrumental in your parents meeting?

mainely stitching said...

What a great story!!