Monday, August 16, 2010

Maggie Movie Reviews

My grandmother has been going to the movies on Tuesdays for decades. She would show up at the theater and see whatever was showing next. She went by herself--frankly, who would go to the movies without a plan? She preferred it that way. Now that she has to rely on my aunt to drive her--my aunt requires they agree to a movie in advance--she's less than happy, but she's still going.

When I say whatever was showing next, I mean whatever. Here's a list from a letter I received from her 10 years ago:
I too saw "Chicken Run" I liked it very much. I've also seen "Rocky and Bullwinkle" "Cowboys in Space"* "The Perfect Storm" "The Kid" "What Lies Beneath" You can tell what I've been up to besides working at the club."**

Over the years, I have received crazy movie reviews from her. Here are a selection:
  • Just watched a movie on VCR--"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" Funny it was. "Sibling Rivalry" next.
  • Saw "Leaving Las Vegas"--Nicolas Cage--terrible.
  • "Out of Sight"--Jennifer Lopez--fun!
  • Went to see "Notting Hill"--Hugh Grant--Julia Roberts--pretty.
If you are having trouble reading these, it's because you've never met her. She could have invented stream of consciousness writing if the modernists hadn't been there first. Witness:
Hi! Nikki sorry I forgot about this at Sam's graduation you should have reminded me--just ask honey anytime--remember me I'm your grandma. Hope you and Mark are O.K.--nice party--Everyone here is fine--received your note about walking--Take care of yourself--be good. Love,

I'm thinking she sent me a check but I'm not sure if it was for walking (I did a lot of AIDS walks in the early 90s) or what. Maybe my parents 25th anniversary party which would have been the previous month? If it's for walking, how come the reference to that is at the end? Hard to say, but my favorite part is "remember me I'm your grandma." If I didn't know her better I'd say early dementia.

The letter with the long list of movies also contains the gem, "I still go to eat at 'The Modern' I hardly cook--lazy."

Even the dude looks forward to her missives.

Next Monday, I'll be spending time with Maggie. Maybe I'll do a little interview or something. You have any questions for her? Need any advice? Leave a comment and let me know.

*Or Space Cowboys as it is known to the rest of us. Perhaps a conflation with Pigs in Space?
**I'm using her punctuation. Forgive me if you find it confusing.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Two things:

You gave up your real name which I knew but don't think I've ever seen on your blog and

Maggie sounds fabulous. Succinct reviews and notes! She sounds like a total joy!

riona said...

If I had a grandma like that I would never have felt the need to struggle through Ulysses.

Alice said...

Oh! We do that sometimes... go to the next movie showing. I love the randomness and surprise of it. If I lived near Maggie, I'd be happy to drive her to a surprise movie. I love her reviews too; no need for a page and a half of angst and justification.

Kathy A. said...

That is just too fun. I love her communications method. She sure gets her point across and doesn't waste a word!

Caroline said...

Hi! Maggie I liked reading your note you sound cool - stich bitch will be asking you some questions, so I wanted to know if you had any crazy stories about bar patrons when you were working at the bar. Or are you still working at the bar? memory not so good - I read too many blogs. Also - surprise movies? Genius.

Melissa said...

Your grandma sounds sweet, funny and adventurous. I completely understood her notes, I'll give my brief attempt at reading Gertrude Stein credit.