Thursday, December 03, 2009

Good Customer Service Surprise

I was so surprised today when I was shopping at Stein Mart, I just had to share with you.

I had to procure a navy blue sweater for the dude today. (Why didn't he know he needed one yesterday when I was at the mall?) I decided to have lunch at Wegman's and then hit Stein Mart. I buy in bulk for the dude because he never gains an ounce and wears clothes to death. (Seriously, he has turtlenecks {rollnecks} he has had since I met him 18 years ago...) So I bought a couple of merino sweaters and a couple of cashmere. As I was checking out the youngish male clerk and I had this conversation:

Him: That was an expensive sweater.
Me: Cashmere. {While he folds it} Feels good doesn't it?
Him: Yeah. But it was expensive.
Me: It's the same price that Macy's had them for on sale.
Him: Well, thank you for giving us your business.

I know the end of that story and I still almost fell of my chair at the retelling. You know how airlines rotely and robotically tell you they know you have choices when you fly? Well, I never expected that from a young (!) retail clerk. This kid has management potential. Tell the Bobs.


Chris said...

Well, after you write to the eejits at Direct TV, you can take a breath and send off a nice letter to Stein Mart management. It really might help the clerk better his position. Isn't it sad?... we're surprised by the kind word of a sales clerk, but not so surprised when we're treated like crap.
Chris in NY

Jackie said...

You should write a letter to the Senior management at SteinMart. Generally people only sit down to write complaint letters; a letter complementing the young clerk will go a long way!

Donna said...

There was an article I read once in a magazine about a woman who practiced what she called onion letters and daisy letters. For every complaining "onion: letter she wrote, she made herself write one complimentary "daisy" letter. This sounds like a perfect opportunity to practice this habit.

Anna van Schurman said...

Donna, I'll do it so long as I don't have to call them "onion" and "daisy" letters. I'd feel like a total dork.

Monsoon said...

"Tell the Bobs" excellent! I knew there was a reason I liked you :)

doris said...

Too bad that nice young man (or someone like him) isn't working for DirectTV.

Donna said...


Call the letters whatever you want.

I am positive you can come up with much better names!

Miriam said...

It amazes me when people say they shop for their husbands. My husband feels that me picking out clothing for him is an unforgivable sin. I can't even go near him in the store while he's picking things out.

P.S. Don't laugh at me because I'm catching up on my commenting. My entire life is running four weeks behind.