Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ya Ponimayoo Roosskiy...But My Keyboard Doesn't Do Cyrillic

Ramzi collects out of copyright cross-stitch charts (mostly alphabets) and puts them on his blog for stitchers to use. Today, Cyrillic! {Via Sharon B @ Pin Tangle}

I once saw the coolest piece at the L.A. County Fair that had a Cyrillic alphabet. I can't remember much else about the pattern now, but I'm pretty sure the background fabric was blue. Those were the days before cellphone cameras. Sigh. (And the stitcher didn't label the piece with the designer or pattern title. Information, people, we need information.) At any rate, I'm this much closer to stitching a sampler with a Cyrillic alphabet.


drea_dear said...

What a find! I have a PIF participant who loves all things Russian, and now I'm changing my idea for what to do for her!

Now, I just have to remember which chart viewing program I have. Thanks, Anna!

Darla said...

Was it the pre-Revolutionary character set above a row of nutcrackers? I'm trying to remember if I entered that piece in LA.

Miriam said...

I was totally a failure at learning to speak Russian, but I did love the alphabet.

The only phrase I can really remember now is "Ya nez nayoo" or thereabouts, which means "I don't know." Which is what I said in class a lot. Hey, I was 18 and had a 2 second attention span. :)