Monday, August 17, 2009


Remember when I said that people were using "cross-stitch" as an adjective to describe things that had nothing to do with fabric and floss? Here's an example. A good one too. Dancing. Go figure.

And more people who think cross-stitch is just for aphorisms (para 11). I'd like to explain what I'm trying to do by bringing these stories to you. Just as I think they would benefit from knowing what "we" are doing, I think we benefit knowing what people think of us, including those people doing the subversive stitching. I think we can learn something from the others, even if the journalists who write about us suck at writing cross-stitch directions.

I love a good Venn diagram but unfortunately my fabulous drawing showing the relationship between "subversives," "40ish something chart stitchers*," and "old ladies"--well, let's just say I'm too old lady to get it from powerpoint to blogger. Still, I don't think it benefits any of us just to write off anyone in the any other group.

So, here's what this 40-something-chart-stitcher managed this weekend. The stocking is almost finished--I ran out of the thread used for stitching the name on the stocking. Just 4.5 letters more to go...And that's what I did even though Stella sprained her paw this weekend and she has been on "bed rest" since Saturday. Have you ever lived with a puppy on bed rest? And no one got any tranquilizers for this endeavor. Damn vets.

*As far as I'm concerned "40" can last for decades. I'm not saying you're an old lady if you're over 40.


Bronny said...

Thank you for the amusing visual of a dancer 'cross-stitching' his steps.
A few hops to the left on one leg, then a few hops to the right. Then a left-right, left-right, left-right diagonally across the stage, a muttered expletive and a few steps backwards, then left-right, hop hop hop, left-right, hop hop hop, left-right, left-right, hop hop.
All with the grace of Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire
I still have no desire to stitch subversive verse, instead finding charm in vintage works - there is already enough 'in your face' art - most of which I admit to not understanding. Give me something that looks like it's meant to !!!
Keep finding these stories - I enjoy the thinking.

Brigitte said...

Very funny stories you use to find, lol.
I love that stocking. It's one of my favourites. And you will soon have a happy dance, maybe with cross-stitched legs? LOL.

Anonymous said...

How the hell do you put a puppy on bedrest?

I had a hard enough time keeping 2 cats "calm" after getting fixed...with no drugs either.

riona said...

I find it hard enough to keep a nineteen year old beagle from giving impromptu concerts at the top of her lungs ... she thinks she is a goddam canine Maria Callas. So tell me how do you keep a very large puppy on bedrest ... maybe the technique would help me.

Siobhan said...

Oh dang, a pup on bedrest. God bless you. I think they need to give YOU the tranquilizers!!

Love the stocking progress. I am trying not to freak about the fact that I need to get a stocking stitched for my niece and time is moving too quickly. Ack.

Carolyn NC said...

Poor puppy...or should I say you??? Explain to me again - just how do you put a puppy on bedrest without drugging them?
Love the stocking!

Linen Stitcher said...

When you create that Venn diagram, better put me in with the "40ish something chart stitchers." Goodness knows, I qualify.

One question: When cross-stitching dancers have a misstep, do they call it "frogging"?

Jenna said...

Stella? On bedrest? You are kidding me, right? How did you manage that? Did you have to strap her down in her crate? I remember when we had to keep Phoebe from jumping after her knee surgery when she was young. Not an easy thing!

venus said...

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