Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flea Market

When the dude's around, I'm working on Flea Market Souvenir. A girl's gotta have some secrets!

This may be the second new addition to the sampler wall. "Don't" will probably be first. Eventually, when my wall runneth over, I think I will take down all the pieces I stitched for the dude and put those in our bedroom--I have just the wall picked out. Oh, you know me, all big plans!

Thanks for all the love you're showing Stella. She says hi. She's happy to report she is getting used to the gentle leader but we are still not sure what to do about the crate. It's like having a crying baby! Terri asked how big she will get and they don't think she'll get much bigger than she is. She's part black lab and something small (she's only 30 pounds), maybe a little pit, though she doesn't have the pit neck and body. I may have to get one of those doggie DNA kits. If I do we can have a contest to see who can tell "what" she is.


mainely stitching said...

Hey, Stella!!
(I had to do it.) She's a love puppy, like ours. A bit of this, a dash of that ....

FMS looks great so far. And like you, I have SUCH big plans for where I'll display all my various imaginary stitching projects in the fullness of time. Sometimes I get worried that I've run out of wall space and then I remember that it's mostly still all only in my imagination. LOL.

Bronny said...

I hope to have space on my wall when I eventually get all my stitching framed - I've got a lot of blank wall space still.
Does Stella have her own 'teddy bear' for company? that might ease the cries. Be prepared for that special 'teddy' to have a short life once she discovers how much fun they are to pull apart.

Caroline said...

Our girl is part lab, shepherd and chow - she looks like a fox and is about the same size as Stella.

You could try covering her crate with a sheet at night - it makes it feel more like a cave for them, and it worked really well for my brother's lab pup.

Good luck!

Siobhan said...

Welcome to Stella! She's a beauty. I love the name. I wanted to get two pups & name them Stanley & Stella, after my great uncle and grandmother. DH nixed the idea.

Lovely progress on the Flea Market piece!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Poor baby she will adjust eventually, I'm sure. Good start on FMS. CJ ok;-)

Redwitch said...

FMS looks great, I'm so slow I don't make plans for where things are to go because it would take forever.

She looks like a Heinz doggie, 57 varieties.

doris said...

There's such a thing as doggie DNA kits? I'm so out of the loop!