Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Queen of the Pumpkins

I know I promised a picture of my gifts but the sun shineth not this morning in Havertown.

I am queen of the pumpkins.

I was looking at the searches that landed people on my blog. Pumpkins are the number one: pumpkin cross stitch, scarry [sic] pumpkins, tree pumpkin pattern, xxx pumpkin patterns*, cross stitch pumpkin, cross stitch pumpkins, celtic pumpkin pattern, heart in hand the great white pumpkin, heart pumpkin stencil, pumpikin [sic] designs, pumpkin list**, scared pumpkin pattern, xxx pumpkin pattern, stitch pumpkin pattern, tree pumpkin patterns, trees pumpkin pattern.

Strangest one-word search that lands you on my blog: sonambulent

Most ironic (tie): jesus loves me counted cross stitch, jesus loves cross stitch

Some people came and stayed:
Visited the most pages: Catherine Theron cross stitch
Visited 10 pages: Walt the Malt cross stitch
Stayed for 45 minutes: the hearts content floral afghan***

And the most disturbing: "penis ornament" latex. No, no, no: I'm felt boobs.

The squirrel photo is a little visitor who demolished my beautiful white pumpkins. We weren't sure who was responsible (bunnies? squirrels? chipmunks?) until the GTG tea; when people left, we surprised the pumpkin eaters.

* They didn't find what they were looking for. Bounced right out.
** Surprisingly, they weren't looking for mine. They left early too.
*** It's like they stitched it with me!


Barbara said...

Oh, a penis ornament! That's brilliant! And here I was, lost for ideas as to what to get Niek for Christmas this year!!

Are they adjustable?

Anonymous said...

How funny! I'm certain the squirrels enjoyed their treats.


monique said...

The searches people use are funny!