Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last year at this time I was running out of steam, and well, lots of you were too. And guess what? This year too. After work, I had to go to an alumnae club meeting where we talked about the same things we talked about last year and the year before when we were just starting out. Remind me never to do this executive board thing. I don't know what it is, just when I think I am out...they pull me back in.

I haven't stitched in days and I have things I owe people piling up. Not to mention that I am still in the midst of stitching three gifts (angel, stocking, stocking I haven't started) for Christmas. And I have to finish-finish two more. And finish-finish two giveaways. And finish the stupid signature block on my Fair & Square. And my sister's friend saw my cousin's "Eat Me" apron and asked for one. I told her I would stitch it if she bought the apron. She got me the apron superquick. So I've got that on the plate too. Fuckin' hell people, I don't have time for blogging. This is the worst month to try to get people to carve time out of their daily lives. There is just too much to do--like all the things I am going to be assigned to make for Thanksgiving and I won't even have countertops or a sink until Tuesday.

It's a good thing they prescribed those anti-anxieties.


mainely stitching said...

Good luck keeping your head above water!!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean, November is not a good time for people to load things on my plate...for example, I get the note from my Guild Prez telling us the specifics for our holiday party (on Dec 2nd - next week), and it mentions casually - bring a stitched ornament for our ornament exchange. What?!!! Like I have time to stitch and finish an ornament for the perfect people at my Guild? Holy crap.