Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Countown Continues

Yesterday, over 100 people visited this blog. And only three could imagine strange things about me? C'mon, you can do better than that! I'll give you until tomorrow. I don't want to leave those three hanging too long, because someone was right!

Here's a crappy photo of LHN's The Angel Sang. I managed to do a little more work on this gift for my aunt.

When I showed this before I asked if you stitched outside your ideology. I think it's interesting that so many people willingly do so if it is for gifts for others. On the other hand, I guess people who don't stitch for others wouldn't have any particular reason to stitch things they don't believe in! Duh. Still it's nice of us to take others' beliefs into account.


Donna said...

My MIL totally freaked out last summer when she came home and found me studying her hymnal.She freaked 'cause she knows my general feelings. What was I looking for? I was looking carefully for words written by a certain date for a sampler I'm designing. And they had to pass my UU sensibilities test- not overtly religious, respectful of all traditions, and inspiring. Out of that whole big book, I came away with six possibilities. Not too bad.

Redwitch said...

I would stitch outside my ideology for someone else. I wonder if believers would stitch some of the more 'subversive' designs for non-believers though? Does it work both ways?

mainely stitching said...

LOL, Sue! (comment above) I can just "so" imagine a very Christian person stitching "go with the goddess" or something similar. Giggle.

As for you Anna, I can certainly imagine weird things about you. But don't get me started, 'cause it's too close to bedtime and I'll have weird dreams. Obama and Sappho was tame!