Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meet the Parents

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. I think Thanksgiving is a holiday that should be adopted throughout the world. (It turns out several cultures do; when forced to think about it, I knew 5.) You don't have to eat turkey and sweet potatoes to be thankful for what you have. Just take a few minutes to think about those things. Then eat like you will never have them again...

I've been tagged again for 6 Random Things by Jen. I'm not tagging anyone and I'm not putting the rules on the blog again. (Sadie also tagged me for the sixth photo in the sixth file. I'm still looking for the thumb drive for that one.)

Six Random Things, the Thanksgiving Edition
1. I get my love of trying new restaurants and new food from my dad. It was his idea to go to Uzbekistan yesterday. I like how that sounds, “I went to Uzbekistan yesterday.”
2. I get the craft gene from my mom. She used to run the school fair, and turned it from a small fair run by nuns (think plastic bead ornaments) to an event that raised 1000 percent more money. And when I say 1000 percent, I mean 1000 percent.
3. My sister and I share a loud and obnoxious laugh. My mother says it’s like a machine gun. I don’t think it’s that bad. I prefer to call it exuberant.
4. The dude and I have some really horrible trivia in our heads. If we could focus our brain power on good, instead of drivel, we could run the world. But first, we need to find the energy…
5. I’m stubborn like my grandmother. But she gets drunk and says funny things, people, that’s why Jacque loves her so much.
6. I promised my niece we’d take her to a cat show as her Christmas present. Anyone know a good cat show near Philadelphia in January or February? The other niece wants to ride a buggy in Amish country. Oh, what a January we have planned!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kathryn said...

Cat Show --

February 21-22, 2009(L). PA, KIMBERTON: Kimberton Fire Company, Kimberton Fire Hall, Exhibition Building. Black Diamond Cat Club. CH-3AB, 4Spec; Kit/PR-6AB, 1Spec. Judges: Judges: Jensen(AB), Adkison(AB), Sumner(AB), D.J. Thompson(LH/SH-CH; AB-Kit/PR), Currle(LH/SH-CH; AB-Kit/PR), Darrah(LH/SH-CH; AB-Kit/PR), Stevens(LH/SH). Entry limit 275. Info: Penny Barrington, 1006 Allison Circle, Drumore, PA 17518. 717-917-3545. Fax 270-812-6772. Email

I don't know if Kimberton is too far away. It's past King of Prussia, but you can check for yourself here:

Although the entry limit is 275 cats, there will be more than that there if people have kittens to sell. Although February isn't a good month for kittens. They would have to have been born in October (16 weeks minimum). May and June are better months for lots of kittens. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. We bred and showed CFA cats for 12 years.

mainely stitching said...

If I laugh too hard or too unexpectedly, I snort. Like a jolly pig. Most unbecoming.

I'm a hypochondriac, like my grandmother. LOL.

doahleigh said...

My three sisters and I all have the same distinct laugh too. I can't describe it, but it's definitely noticeable!

stitcherw said...

My parents love to try new resturants and my mom does a lot of crafts too. As to the laugh, if I laugh to unexpectedly it comes out more like a snort, as previously commented not that becoming, LOL. Have fun with going to the cat show and tracking down a buggy ride. Hopefully when you do the buggy ride it's a bit warmer.

Your finished and framed Toy Gatherer in your earlier post looks wonderful. What perfect timing to get it back so it can be up for the holidays.

Thanks for correcting me on the movie, it was Barbara Stanwyck. I was thinking one thing and typing another. As usual if I multitask something gets muddled. I corrected on my entry in case someone wants to look it up.

JenFW said...

You, Anna, are the best sport ever.

I don't laugh loudly, but I laugh a lot, and not generally when other people laugh. Go figure.