Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Road to Morocco

Finally with the dolls.

I loved this doll from Morocco when I was little. I thought the veil she wore was so adult. Which I think now must have really meant sexy. Of course, that wasn't really the point of the veil at all as we know now. When I made and remade my list of favorite dolls (um, the list making thing had to start somewhere) she often wound up on top for being so exotic. I don't know who went to Morocco; my best guess would be my paternal grandparents. They probably hated it. At least I got the doll.


Barbara said...

She certainly is exotic! And sexy. In a doll sort of way. ;)

She looks A LOT different from the many Moroccan ladies that I see every day here in Gouda, though!

Come to think of it, that's not so strange. I don't look much like a Barbie doll myself. ;0

Annemarie said...

Maybe it was the lush fabrics that attracted you? I think she does look rather gorgeous :o)

Michelle said...

And not only is it a veil - but a RED veil. She is pretty!