Monday, September 01, 2008

Meetings Real and Virtual

Crafty Daisies have created a virtual book club. For each meeting a craft book is chosen for participants to review and make a project from. Wednesday's book is The Big-Ass Book of Crafts, which my library doesn't have. When I finally remembered to order it, amazon told me it wouldn't arrive in my house until September 4th. Boo. When I first found out about the club, it seemed so far away. Now September 3rd is upon us, and I have too many things planned for that day!

September 3rd is also the EGA Stitch in public day. Jenna and Ruth said they'd meet me at KOP to stitch. I'll be lucky to be there by 7:00, and we could meet at the benches in the middle of the court outside Bloomingdales. Then if people were interested in a late dinner, we could see if we could get into Cheesecake Factory. What do you say? Anyone else interested? Or have I left this too late also? How do so many days pass without me taking them in?


Barbara said...

When you figure out the secret to actually taking in each day before it disappears, please share!

Wish I could join in on your stitch-in-public day.

Jenna said...

Oh crap, is that tomorrow? I totally forgot about it. Will have to talk to the other half and make sure we can come to King of Prussia. Email me, please.

Simone said...

I'm in a similar situation w/ my real book club. The meeting is Oct. 3rd, which seems really far away and I haven't gotten the book yet. Did I mention that I'm hosting it? Hmm, wonder if there are Cliff notes for that book.

In any event, we'll miss you tomorrow. Stop by the Daisies anyway to suggest the next book.

Michelle said...

I keep thinking that my days keep disappearing too. It's like from about December on, I've been in some sort of time warp or twilight zone or coma or something. When did it get to be September??!