Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Stuff

Yesterday on a work break I perused the new releases on Hoffman's site. I made careful notes but my DSL was down when I got home last night so I could not share them with you.
  • Bent Creek, Americana Angel: What the hell does she have in her mouth?
  • La D Da, Zippity Do Da: A quick google search shows that the actual lyrics to "Song of the South" are Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. I just can't stitch it her way. Cannot.
  • Nora Corbett, Letters from Nora: Love! (I know, seems so not me.) When will she get to the letters I need?
  • Sam Sarah, Hip Hop Black Cat Doubles: Is it wrong to love the felt thing more than the stitched thing?
  • Shepherd's Bush, Scatter Freedom: Um, is anyone else reminded of cluster bombs? It's all I can think of...
  • Twisted Oaks, Patchwork Garden Pincushion Ball: I'm not so keen on the stitching, but how much do I love the finishing. Could this be the next biscornu? Stay tuned...


C in DC said...

I have to agree with your comments. I think you may be seeing the Bent Creek angel's mouth and cheeks - hard to say. The Nora letters do not seem like you. I too like the felt cat better; the colors seem more vibrant to me.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the Patchwork Garden Pincushion - looks like a fat biscornu.


Miriam said...

I think it's interesting you'd have to do the song's lyrics correctly, particularly given that it's a made-up word. But I understand.

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

I like the BC anyway, but I agree, it's a bit odd from this photo! Did anyone "get" Turkey Shoot? If so, can you please explain? LOL

Kathryn said...

Yes, they did seem like an odd set of patterns, but I, too, loved the Nora Corbett letters. I may have to change the first letter of my name to C, I love that design so much.

In addition:

Why are all Crossed Wing patterns on inappropriate fabrics? A green hummingbird on green fabric? Just think how that design would pop on a peach or dark tan, especially if you added sparkly threads for on the bird.

Anna van Schurman said...

Way more than you want to know about a turkey shoot: A turkey shoot, from my experience, is a shooting contest usually with a moving paper target. The winner would get a turkey. The kids version was a stationary paper target with the winner getting a chicken.

I competed once, took me all day to summon the courage to enter and then an older boy entered against me. We had a paper target with numbered grid on it. It was lowered into a barrel that was laid on a slant. They added up the value of the numbers we shot out with a .22 rifle. The high score won--and that was me! Since it was the 70s, he was horribly harrassed for losing to a little girl. Honestly, it was dumb luck because you couldn't see the numbers you were shooting at. OTOH, I had probably been shooting for as long as he had.

monique said...

I surprised myself by liking the Nora letters... I may need to have E and/or M.

Coni said...

Hm, I thought the thing in the Bent Creek angel's mouth was one of those facial exercisers that give you an instant face lift. You know...the ones on the TEE-vee at 4am. It think they're called Insta-Lifts. Oh wait. Maybe that was for the boosums. Love your comments!

Anonymous said...

We have real turkey shoots here, don't you? I've never participated. I think we have the target kind, too. At my aunt's house in Bartlesville this weekend there were turkeys in her yard (ten acres) - real ones - just in case you were wondering. ; )

Good for you beating that boy!


Glenna said...

Oh, Lord. Shooting real turkeys? Then what? Stuff 'em and hang 'em over the television? Around here, turkey shoots were always at targets for turkeys.

Toasties? I don't think I've ever eaten one. I'm older than you, I think, so I may have missed them.

The new crop of Hoffman's stuff? Insipid, mostly. And I'm with you on the Zippety Do Dah thing, but then, they call themselves La D Da. I must be the only person who doesn't like the Nora Corbett Letters. Take the girl/fairy/she-beast out, and you have a decent-looking letter. And if I have to look at another factory-ish Little House design (even though I've stitched a couple recently, or maybe because I've stitched a couple recently), I don't know what I'll do.

Nic said...

I have to say I've been underwhelmed by the new book listings at Hoffmans for weeks - no months - now.

I don't stitch: angels, fairies, artwork reproductions, cats, teddy bears, Americana, dragons, Hallowe'en, florals, religious verses. I have books of reproduction samplers so don't need/want any more of those.

So what else is there? We used to have plenty of good, modern, slightly quirky designers out there, but they seem to have disappeared. Even previous favourite designers have lost their appeal.

Not to worry, I have plenty of stash to keep me going, but I wonder if there are a lot of us in the same situation, and with watching the pennies, how much demand is there going to be for the new, the modern, the qurky? Is that why designers are playing it safe with the same old themes?

Coral said...

1) A bone!
2) I agree
3) I like the C, the others are too angular
4)Pretty cute - and yup, the felt cushion is cute too. Actually I quite like this and I am not into Halloween or pumpkins!
5) A bit weird (you are funny)!
6) Rather fascinating and really pretty

Barbara said...

She has a bit in her mouth. It's actually a sly commentary on the current political situation. ;)

Ruth said...

I'm with you on the ball -- but I think it's too much "finishing" to become the next biscornu. Sheesh, it'd take me an entire day and it would end up looking like a potato.... and not a nice, picture-perfect one either!