Monday, February 04, 2008


So far so good on my rotation. I worked on the marquoir and finished part 4 on Saturday--12 parts to go! I will continue to work on that on Saturday and Sunday, and will try to get a good picture next Sunday. Can you stand the wait??

Tonight, I finished the stitching on the sampler Shaker box. Now it goes into the finishing pile. I am going to try to finish it before camp, which is something I wanted to do years ago.


Ruth said...

Wow. That is so pretty and so flipping tiny! Congrats on a stunning finish and on the continuing success of your rotation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, so you are bringing it to camp?! Pretty!


Annemarie said...

The question is, can you stand the wait? I tried a rotation once, but found I was irritated when I had to put a project away while I was jsut getting started. Good luck, though, I hope it works for you.
That Shaker box sampler is very pretty. Tiny!

Jacque said...

Do you have the box for your Shaker sampler? I got mine as a gift last year and it is so lovely..please let us know how you decide to finish it! Good job on the rotation. I've given up and just stitch on whatever I want! : )