Friday, November 02, 2007

Poll: Projects on the Go

Recently on Knitting Daily, they had a poll to see how many works in progress everyone has. Since I don't think Interweave will ever make "Stitching Daily" (though they do have "Beading Daily")--frankly, I'm not sure what there'd even be to say in Stitching Daily, though we may find out here this month--I thought I'd see how many projects we are talking about when we talk about things we've begun--just to be clear, you've had to have taken a stitch. (What you have kitted up doesn't count.)

I'll go first. I have: Anna’s Bird (Good Huswife), Elizabethan Rose (Moss Creek), Majestic Rooster (Eileen Bennett), Tree of Life Window (Heartland House), Watercolor Geraniums, Apple Sampler (Curtis Boehringer), Summer Place* (Cross Eyed Cricket), 18th Century Knot Garden (Liz Turner Diehl), Tall Flowers Sampler (Liberty Street Designs), Snowman Stocking (Bent Creek), Ancienne Marquior Bleu et Rouge (Gigi), St. Basil’s Cathedral (Dimples Designs), Hardanger Napkins (Stella Bjerg), Merry and Bright (Heart’s Content), Toy Gatherer (Shepherd’s Bush), Treasured Tulips (Nutmeg Needle), Santa kit on black fabric (this is from memory), Scared Silly (BOAF), Animal Samplings (Hillside Samplings), Jillian’s Stocking (Shepherd’s Bush), Noel ornament (Fancy Work).

I'm hoping I have not started anything else that I've forgotten about... Some of these are shockingly close to being finished. But if you had asked me how much I had to do on those, I would have told you that there were still weeks of stitching on everything. (I can just hear you saying, you mean she hasn't finished Toy Gatherer, yet? Doesn't she just have to put in the beads?)

Interestingly, while I was going through the archives, I realized I have held steady at the number of projects I have had on the go since 2004. Maybe I should just be a twenty at a time stitcher. I own it.

*I should retake that because I have more done on that one now. DD I have looked in the baskets, but I'm looking in the other places you suggested tonight! Then, we're buying a new camera, which we promised ourselves last Christmas.


Nic said...

I have the complete list of shame in my blog sidebars - it comes to 62, and some of these just need charms or buttons on!

Barbara said...

Without going to actually count, I would say I have about 10. Maybe 12. ;)

Anonymous said...

Get the new camera and I assure you that as soon as you do - the other one will turn up. Then you and the dude can each have one!

riona said...

If you are only counting the actual cross-stitching: my count is currently at 6 ... unusually low for me as I have just finished three large pieces. BUT... if you are countingpieces already stitched but still needing assembling,finishing or sewing the number climbs to an embarassing 35. AND if you count quilting,rug braiding, jewelry making and sewing starts as well ... the number climbs further to 41. So, to quote you, "lets be clear..."

Kathryn said...

True, I was glad you had the 41 or more level, so I could answer 26 - 40, but if you are counting unframed/unsewn stitching, then I guess I am over the limit. And we are NOT counting sewing projects cut out, but not sewn are we?

Now just don't ask how LONG they have been unfinished. I don't want to admit to something XX years old.

Coral said...

Your camera hasn't been stolen has it?

Oh, I have a few big UFO's some go back ten years! I hate the way they smile at me when I open the cupboard door!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I am with you my number is in the 26-40 category but I have stayed in that range for several years now. I generally don't start something new unless I just had a finish. My ability to believe I can do it all has slipped as I get older (hopefully wiser).

jo said...

Without consulting the database that I created back in September, I'm certain I'm still under 40. I think I was at 35, but I've finished 2 pieces since then and haven't added more than 4...I'm really, really bad at this stash dieting thing.