Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Bloggus interruptus

I know I promised this for Monday, but I've been on jury duty and away from the good computer. I have gone through the UFOs. I haven't made any decisions about not finishing any of them, but here's a list:
Projects about 70% complete
* Wooly Zipper by Bent Creek I have exactly 21 stitches to go; I ran out of #5 890.
* Fa La La by Twisted Threads From the JCS Ornament Issue, begun last time I was on jury duty.
* Noel Ornament by CA's Eclectic Collection I've got about 30 palestrina knots to make--some of these are way more than 70% complete.
* Sunflower Smalls by Lauren Sauer I took this in a class a hundred years ago (okay it was in the mid-90s when SOXS was still extant). I finished the scissor keep, but lost it on an airplane. I've lost the will to finish the other stuff, but the needlebook is really far along.
* Itty Bitty Trio of Hearts by Twisted Threads Another class. It's so pretty, I should finish it to hang.
* Pins and Needles by Lauren Sauer I finished the pin cushion--I had it in a women's arts show on campus a few years ago. But I haven't made progress on the rest of the pieces.
And the two I completed while compiling this list
* Keep Christmas in Your Heart Also a JCS Ornament I started when I was on jury duty two years ago.
* Tipsy Tree by Mill Hill At least I have it done for next Christmas.

Projects about 35-50% complete
* Sewing Roll by Sewing Chest Designs Also from a SOXS class. I completed the mini pouch, which was the practice piece but I haven't begun on the whole sewing roll. Maybe I should get someone to finish what I've got and be done with this. It's pretty--monotone with lots of beading--but not outstanding.
* Hardanger Napkin Ring by Stella Bjerg Yet another class at SOXS. (Now I know where all my money's gone.) This one I did with a broken finger. Interestingly, Stella Bjerg needed to do an internship to complete her needlework design degree in [Denmark?] and she did it at the late great Rose Cottage, my former LNS. And we recognized each other!
* Hearts and Flowers by Carriage House Designs For the DH for our 2nd anniversary last July. I've been carrying this dutifully to jury duty, and I've made some progress.
* Williamsburg Doorway by Maureen Appleton The 1998 Annual Ornament. I started it in 1998. I'm pathetic. It's clearly an addiction.
* Toy Gatherer by Shepherd's Bush I'm not even going to speculate about when I started this one! Actually I know it was the year my mother gave me $50 to buy some things for myself at my first SOXS. She was shocked when I showed her the one thing her money had bought me!
* Alpine Garden by Drawn Thread This was going to be a wedding sampler for friends but I missed the one year mark and sent a pine needle bowl instead. I love working with the silks on this.
* Watercolor Geranium a Sandy Kinnamon design adapted for needlework by Barbara Sestok From a 1999 edition of the defunct Cross-Stitch and Needlework. Egads, the projects outlast the magazines.
* Majestic Rooster by Linda Gordanier Jary From the May-June 1995 edition of Cross-Stitch and Needlework. AKA the "Frickin' Chicken." Seems most ripe for abandonment, but I did give it to my mother for Christmas one year. I'll see what she thinks.
* Elizabethan Rose by Rae Iverson A tiny little detached buttonhole flower, I can't believe I'm not done. I took this as a class in NH at Celebration of Needlework. I've got about 3/4 of the petals to do. Then I can stuff it into the antique salt cellar she gave us. Oooooh! a new use for those salt cellars I got for my shower (I kid you not).
And the ones that I've started but didn't get much done
* Professor Fizzby's Freebee '99 by Dimples Designs 1999 seems to have been a banner year for new beginnings in my cross-stitch world. I wonder what was going on?
* St. Basil's Cathedral by Dimples Designs So beautiful on that bleached blue fabric with all those sparkles, who could resist? Apparently me, I have about 2 square inches done on this.
* You are My Sunshine by Bent Creek This was going to be a birth sampler for Ben, I think but I preferred to match the two boys' samplers (neither was intended as a sampler: both are Ewe and Eye and Friends patterns). Fortunately, my cousin will need a birth sampler for her offspring in May or so. I can do this by then!
* Enchanted Alphabet by Lavendar and Lace When my cousin Steph got pregnant I went wild doing baby stuff for her. And then the baby was born. I was still stitching, of course. She does have the first piece I ever designed myself--a "bee" sampler that fits in an adorable bear and bee frame that was my inspiration.
* Treasured Tulips by Nutmeg Needle Another class. This is so pretty, but I was very stupid when I was learning coral knot. When I actually get to the drawn thread work, I'm going to have to do something else.

Phew. Please tell me I do not hold a record for the number of projects that have been begun but not completed (20). I don't think abandonment is going to work for more than one or two of these either!

I got sent this link by a friend, and I'm all about sharing. There's a nasty girl designing cross-stitch out there. Let's be supportive

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