Thursday, November 01, 2007

November Goals

What I hoped for October:

  1. Finish 60th birthday gift--I worked on it, and I finished another square and started the third (of four) This will go quickly now that it is my focus project. Crap scan courtesy of lost camera (not in fridge, but thanks for the suggestion!)
  2. Finish Jillian's stocking, Shepherd's Bush
  3. See it...when we find the camera (way too large to scan).
  4. Finish Summers to Come--worked on this a little on the bus once I finished Jillian's stocking.
  5. Start present for Sissy--didn't even think about it!

Hope against hope for November

  1. Finish 60th birthday gift before 11/17
  2. Finish Summers to Come before 11/17
  3. Stitch "Beer" for dad
  4. Finish in-law ornaments
  5. Finish caterpillar eyeglass holder
  6. Finish Skull Girl for Sissy
  7. Make felted soap for the dude
  8. Blog every day--It's National Blog Posting Month!


Adrienne said...

Huh. I had a good feeling about the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Could the camera be in one of those baskets under the coffee table? Of course, you've probably already looked there.

Between the cushions of the couch?

In the water cupboard?


Jenna said...

Er... felted soap? What's that?