Monday, October 01, 2007

Rocktober Goals

Here is what I set out to do in September

  1. Finish Promise of Summers to Come--I did work on it, but stopped to focus on the stocking
  2. Work on 60th birthday gift--Not so much
  3. Work for 10 hours on the marquoir--you've got to be kidding
  4. Finish Elisabeth’s stocking, Shepherd’s Bush--yes, photo soon.
  5. Sew caterpiller eyeglass case--um...I reprioritized based on deadlines
  6. Stitch sheep ornament for SIL See it here.
  7. Stitch Fancy Work ornament for BIL --bit of a fiasco

My goals for October

  1. Finish Jillian's stocking, Shepherd's Bush
  2. Finish 60th birthday gift
  3. Finish Summers to Come
  4. Start present for Sissy

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Good luck with those October goals!!