Friday, September 21, 2007


Last week, I started stitching the Fancy Work ornament for my BIL. I got the outline done, and started stitching the border pattern. It didn't come out quite right on the sides, but I could fudge it. Then I started stitching the top border. It is so way off! Argh! Must begin again...

Other short whinges:
  1. In gathering the pearl cotton for the Shepherd's Bush stockings, I've now gone to three stores. Still need four colors. Will try store #4 tonight.
  2. I know stocking shelves isn't fascinating work, but you'd think someone could bother to put the #3 and #5 pearl cottons where they belong. If you go to the AC Moore in Broomall, I fixed them; go before someone screws up my hard work. (Fortunately, I was smart enough to look for the #5 in the #3 area, otherwise I would have left with only two of the seven skeins I needed.)
  3. I took my stitching out of my work bag in order to make the pearl cotton list, and forgot to put it back. No stitching on the commute. Very frustrating.
  4. I am working for a drama queen (in this case, he's a man, but I like how it undermines him to call him a drama queen). He sees a piece, yells about how he hates it, then changes one phrase.
  5. I hate those little cliche work aphorisms, but your lack of organization doesn't constitute an emergency on my part. I'd like to stamp that on some one's head.
  6. Yeah, work's getting me down. People here operate on the putting out the biggest fire theory of work. Every time the wind blows, the fire shoots up somewhere else. So I'll spend a week writing, say, a president's message, only to have the wind blow. Then I only have a day to change it. Then someone tells me he hates it. And changes three sentences. I might be too good for this.
  7. I'm too lazy to look for a new job. Laziness, not as bad as you think. As the dude said to me just this morning, "It's hard work to be this lazy. It takes ingenuity, planning, and a strong sense of self." Something like that.
  8. I'm a volunteer executive board member for a club I'm in and, well, it's a disorganized mess. I'm a little tired of the people who never come to meetings telling us what we should do. I have an idea: if you want to be heard, show up.
Okay, not short. Will try to perk up this weekend...


Barbara said...

Love your enumerated list of peeves, Anna. And I think DH & I (we work for the same company) will surprise our managers by hanging matching signs over our desks that state peeve number 5. ;)

Seriously, I hope you enjoy a great weekend and that you're able to totally let go of the work week. :)

tkdchick said...

Hope you get your ornament sorted out!

Michelle said...

I agree with you on the work thing - I hate the whole idea of just dealing with whichever fire is biggest (or whichever dog is barking loudest) and leaving the rest. I hope you get your ornament sorted out - it's a pretty one.