Thursday, August 09, 2007

In the News

Well, I should have known my readers would be in the know. Or, you know, too frightened of me to say anything bad about my politics (evil grin).

I'm working on a secret project right now (even though I have eleventy-million things on my list of August goals), so I have nothing to show. I do, however, have a few interesting items I found in the news to share.

Biker Babes
From an ad for online photo sharing

“Perhaps you belong to a cross-stitching club or the other end of the spectrum, a motorcycle or classic car club.”
But what of the women who stitch these?

Aren’t Stitchers Dumb?
From a Salt Lake Tribune article on the two women chiefs-of-staff for the senators from Utah:

[Her bag] also holds her latest cross-stitch or needlepoint work and she surprises people when she starts stitching in the middle of staff meetings or negotiations with Democratic staffers. They are more surprised when they realize she has understood and distilled everything that has gone on.

Her sense of humor can be as sharp and pointed as her needles - and can rub some the wrong way, say those who know her.

Teehee—don’t anyone tell them she’s stitching with blunt needles! But, yeah, how come you can't listen and stitch at the same time? Is it because others find it difficult to walk and chew gum?

And Men are Great at Everything
An article from Monroe County News on a woman's county fair prizes

Leonard Hopkins Jr. of Trenton presented the award. He has been presenting the award for the last couple of years. He's a former Homemaker of the Year for Wayne County.


Carol said...

Love it! Only a cool woman brings her stitching to such important meetings! LOL

C in DC said...

Pet peeve rant alert. Why is it that every story about powerful women has to have a "warm fuzzy" moment? It appears from the Salt Lake Tribune article that neither of these women are married or have kids, so instead the article talks about caring for dogs and friends' kids. Grrrr. Why can't they just focus on the great jobs these two are doing? End rant.

Jenn L said...

When I still worked for the court reporting company, I attended a national conference to help my boss present a class. The presenters ahead of us came armed with a box full of play-dough, finger puzzles, stuff like that. Little doodads to keep their hands busy. But she only handed then out to half the class as a test.

One of the major skills they develop on the job is the need to multitask. To listen intently to what's going on around them and be able to translate it into the computerized shorthand required for the transcript.

As for the test - those reporters who didn't have something to fiddle around with something walked out of that class remembering roughly HALF of the presentation. The half of the class that got toys? Average 90% retention.

I'm not *quite* to that extreme, but I definitely do better if I can listen and do something else at the same time. I'm sure that COS simply has a similar mental process going on. But it's still oh so impressive to watch someone get lambasted the first time for assuming that we aren't paying attention. :)

jo said...

Thanks for the Biker Babe patterns link. My sister is working on getting her motorcycle license after 40 years of riding behind her boyfriend/husband!